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Nvcp Issues

Level 7
Hello! So since they added the new features and settings in the nvcp i'm having a lot of issues with the performance of my gaming laptop. I can post basic info about the system here but if anyone wants them in details can check my profile system spec. I have an asus rog g752vs 1070 8gb gddr5, i7-7700HQ 3.8 ghz with a 17.3 inch 16:9 gsync monitor 120 hz, 64 gb ddr4. The new features i'm talking about are settings like image sharpening (off), low latency mode (off), max frame rate (off, using gsync + vsync on in nvcp caps my frames (120) to the monitor refresh rate). Most of my nvcp settings are set to off or application controlled and change them as i want in game settings. The main issue here is that The Power Management Mode in the nvcp keeps switching to Optimal Power for some reason. I keep choosing Adaptive (for less demanding games) or Maximum Performance ( turbo gear overclocks for demanding games) and it just switches back to Optimal whenever it pleases (in the middle of a gaming session, after restart or whatever, at some point it just goes back to Optimal). The Power Plan in the Battery Power Options is on High Performance always. The Minimum Processor State and Maximum Processor State are the default ones (5% for minimum and 100% for maximum). Another thing i've noticed is that the battery used to charge to 95% only and say fully charged (probably to preserve battery life or overcharging) but now it's charging to 100% all the time. It feels like it's underclocking. In games i have fps drops, stutter, crashes and even BSoD lately (1-2 per day). Another thing to mention is that the Turbo Gear is still the same version it was from 3 years ago when i bought the laptop. It is not a separate install, it just shows up in rog gaming center. I never update it mainly because there is no newer version on the official asus site. They have the same version for the past 3 years. I don't know what else to think of rn. If anyone knows anything or experienced the same please let me know. If you need any other information please ask. Thank you!!