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Noob Question

Level 7

1. I just want to ask about my ram its 12 GB ram (11.9 usable). Is it normal? didn't even open any app or programs. (picture provide)
2. About my screen there's black thingy is that a dead pixel? (picture provided)
3. Do i need an antivirus? cause what i heard is that it slows your connection and gaming. (I want your own opinions)
4. What necessary or important apps or programs or utilities should i install for my laptop? like checking for temperature (real temp or hwinfo)? or audio or tweaks or ccleanner or other utilities etc etc...
5. Is there a program that can erase my stuff that i had uninstalled? cause if i uninstalled something there's still stuff that are left behind and also the registries.
6. Any tips or advice to maintain my gaming performance and for what to watch out for my laptop?
7. Is there a way to delete my bloatwares like app stores on my windows 8 getting updates everyday?

Sorry if for my bad english and some stupid question but hope to get some answers from you guys. and sorry if this in on the wrong section.

Thank you in advance

Level 10
I will try my best to answer your queries

1. Yes it's normal.

2. Hard to see but again it's normal to have a dead pixel.

3. Yes you do need to have an antivirus for Windows. Free or paid which is your choice and only have one antivirus, having more than one will pose problems. Normally antiviruses today have a gaming mode feature meaning it won't interfere with your gaming by limiting the cpu usage, no popups, updating and etc. It'll still run in the background protecting the system but doesn't need user interaction.

4. Temp monitoring programs are useful but optimising/tune up programs are generally not essential. Must avoid registry cleaners completely.

5. If you try out software a lot then I suggest programs like RollBack RX that can undo changes to your system. Unfortunately Acronis's Try&Decide was removed from the 2015 version and also doesn't support GPT. I use backup to undo changes instead of using uninstalling programs like Revo Uninstaller.

6. You could check out in the Task Manager for seeing which applications are using a lot of resources like cpu usage and memory usage. Shut down file-sharing programs that may impact online gaming. Tweak the game settings and may have to bring some down like Anti-aliasing and Supersampling. However, you've got GeForce Experience therefore you can use that to optimise the games for you (the only downside, it works for some games).

7. You can use the Windows 8 App Remover for that.

Thank you for your time replying my thread.

Which anti-virus have built in gaming mode do you recommend?
Why avoid registry? I have ccleaner and just don't touch the registry but when i scan it there's too many that's consumed much memory.
I try rollback rx thank you.
I anti-aliasing some of my games like Tera does it make my pc slows down? What is supersampling?

Level 10
The problem with that query is you have a whole crowd containing small sections of antivirus fanboys. Loads of antiviruses or internet security have gaming mode feature from Norton, AVG, Avira, Kaspersky, ESET, Webroot, Zone Alarm and more. I can't verify for all since I only ever use ESET and Kaspersky so my recommendations will naturally fall on those two.

Not avoid registry completely - avoid registry cleaners completely. Redundant keys does not impact the performance and no two registry cleaners are alike. It give your computer no performance gain and potential damage to Windows and programs. Try it one time after a fresh install of Windows with no programs, immediately after logging into Windows after finishing installing - install and run the registry cleaner. Trust me, you'll see a scan result of invalid/redundant keys.

No it won't slow your computer down.

Supersampling is a spatial anti-aliasing method. Imagine building with lego bricks and you put a lego brick on one end and so on to make it diagonal. Well it looks diagonal and also has jagged edges. Anti-aliasing make it look a smooth diagonal line instead of jagged.

EDIT: My method of trying out new software is using a backup and restore like Acronis True Image (there are free programs that backup and restore) that way I won't have my system inundated with leftover files, folders and so on after uninstalling.

Level 7
A detailed answer to 1) can be read here.
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