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No Video with Z270H when uninstalling nVidia Drivers??

Level 8
Hey all,

I just bought a new Asus ROG Strix Z270H Gaming Motherboard and I installed Win 10 64bit with a eVGA 980 GTX.. Now my problem is when I uninstall the NVidia drivers when it is done the screen goes black and I am unable to see anything on desktop..

The PC is not lockled up or froze it just does not have video, I can fix this by going into BIOS and set too Optimised defaults, then when I boot up I am able to see the Desktop and reinstall NVidia drivers..

Now I am trying to figure out why this happens and is there anything I can do besides goto BIOS and reset it too Optimised Defaults as this wipes out my other settings I set like the Overclock and all..

I am not sure what to do to fix this and is a Pain when I forget to rest the BIOS before I uninstall the Drivers.. My Old PC did not do this when I uninstalled the NVidia drivers and was wondering what is causing the screen to go blank and I need to reset BIOS for the screen to work..

I already updated BIOS to the latest and I am thinking do I need to install Intels driver or something here with the Z270 Chipset??

Hi The_Nephilim

You don't need to install the intel graphics driver.

Try this:

Go Into the bios, advanced tab, system agent configuration, graphics configuration and set the primary display to pcie or peg.

See if this keeps your display after uninstalling the nvidia driver.

Hi Nate,

I went into BIOS and looked for the setting you told me it only had iGFX and PEG. I set it too PEG and when I uninstalled the drivers I still got a blank screen.. I then went back in and changed it to iGFX and that seemed to have worked but when I installed the NVidia driver it went back to Auto??

I am sure PCIe was there before but I did a BIOS UPdate some time ago and maybe PCIe is not longer in the new BIOS?? I guess I will just have to change to iGFX before I uninstall the drivers from now on, I was just hoping for a bit easier of a solution and not have to do the extra step of going into BIOS Before I removed the drivers..

The new z270 boards may only have PEG and not PCIE.

You shouldn't have to change it, on auto it will detect whether you are connected to a pcie gpu or the onboard gpu.

Are you connected to a TV or Monitor ?

I wonder if trying a different cable might help, hdmi, displayport, dvi.

Well I use 2 projectors connected with a VGA cable.. I guess it was an oversight on Asus part or somethong I never had this happen before with older setups..

Level 14
I believe it must have something to do with the projectors, or cables, are you using an adapter from dvi-d, or hdmi, or DP to vga?, if you are using an adapter is it an active adapter, please list your full specs or fill out the PC specs in your sig.
If you are using Win 10, it has Intel video drivers

Hi, I filled out my Full Sys Specs and just to clarify I use 2 DLP PRojectors in NVidia Surround mode connected with a VGA cable and display port to VGA Active connector.. I never had any problem with the 2 previous PC's I had connected to these same projectors onlt this new board..

I had used Asus past 5 years and beyond butI had a P8Z68-V PRo and a P8Z68-V Gen 3 board and never had this issue.. When I uninstalled the drivers I always srtill had video..

IT is just with the board I have now which is a ROG Strix z270H Gaming board.. I tried setting it too iGFX but I think it changes back to Auto I will recheck after I post this thread.. I tried PEG and that was a blank screen after I updated the drivers..

I am not to concerned as I know what to do but I just thought this was an Bug I found and would like to determine if it is and maybe Asus can fix it.. If anybody needs more info Please let me know and hopefully I can get a better solution to this problem..

EDIT: I just checked BIOS and it was back to Auto.. Now looking at the selections BIOS States there should be 3 options, PEG, iGFX and SG.. now SG is not there and was wondering what that was?? It stated Switchable Graphics but switchable to what ??

Well it seems Asus fixed the problem with the newest BIOS Update.. Glad that is solved thank You Asus.. 😉