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Next CPU and GPU please!

Level 7
@ASUS: Please use " CANNONLAKE or SKYLAKE" processors for your next ROG series together with GTX 1080/1070... skip the broadwell...

Cannonlake processors will be released together with nvidia gtx 1080/1070 in 2016...

Level 13
Well, I know my 780ti OC is not worth the upgrade to a 980 OC as it stands
Corsair 500R Case, H110 Hydro, 1200AX PSU, Asus Maximus Hero VI MB, Intel 4770K CPU, Gigabyte GPU GV-N98TWF3OC-6GD, G-Skill Trident 2400MHz 32GB, Crucial M500 960GB SSD, Seagate 6TB HDD x2, Creative SBZ to Denon AVR-4311ci - Infinity Primus 5.1 w/Klipsch Sub XW-300d, HP ZR30w 30" S-IPS LCD, W10 64bit

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I personally dont think we will ever reach the "future graphics card" by using this technology, not ever

For todays simple 3d games maybe..

New generation = tree leaves are now enhanced, and the grass got a higher resolution + 20 fps / 1000 USD.. wow


It doesn't matter how much powder you stick into a rocket, it still wont take you to the moon..

Sorry, but i dont think a chip with todays technology will bring us there

Level 7
Dell will also skip broadwell...

Asus must be wise!

Level 7
Skylake will be released in late August and Windows 10 on late June... nvidia's pascal gpu will be released in 2016 though...

Excited for the next generation of RoG laptops... pls dont make it too much expensive...

Level 7
I learned that Asus plans to releae new laptops featuring new precessor and windows 10...

How about the GPU?

im waiting for new GPU also....

Maybe Cannonlake would also be released by then together with the new gtx 1000 so use ill just wait....