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Newegg refused RMA

Level 9
I purchased ASUS crosshair VII HERO (New) on 15 OCT 2019. Spend over an hour assembling a system with cable management only to find out that it does not suppose 3rd gen Ryzen out of the Box. Solution is simple as updating the BIOS via ASUS provided software. After the update system refused to POST. There is no BIOS recovery or secondary BIOS to recover from. It only gives Code 00 and code AC and it stop's there during the boost process. This motherboard never powered up before or after the BIOS update.

I picked up a cheap Asrock X470 board from my local store and it runs 3600X out of the Box without any updates required.

Anyways I decided to pack everything in and return this board to Newegg for RMA. Newegg kept the RMA for over two weeks and upon contact I was informed that RMA has been refused due to missing Serial Number from the board itself and thus they are returning it back to the sender. Another week has passed by and I have yet to receive the motherboard back. Upon inquiry I was told to contact ASUS to get further assistance.

Today 30 days have passed by and I have yet to receive the motherboard. It seems like Newegg intentionally refused the RMA and kept the motherboard to push the customer out of 30 days return period. I never took anything off the motherboard and it was still in like new condition when it was shipping back. Newegg is attempting throw a customer under the bus and offloading work to ASUS instead.

Simply what are my options at this point ?.

Level 10
I've been around since the day NewEgg was born, and back in those days it was a great geek place to buy from, there was no one else.

I purchased from them, supported them like many geeks, sharing word about what a great place NewEgg was.

NOW they are a complete and total mess of BS!

I can't begin to tell you all the BS I have gone through with this company in the past year, I ended up getting so sick of it I had them close my account.

I purchased from NewEgg for over a decade, but I will never buy from them ever again, unless they had a complete overhaul of the Executives, Owners, Management of that company, maybe I might reconsider if it was new owner, everyone old is gone and fired and it started fresh again, like NewEgg use to be.

Also price gouging on NewEgg for many products is complete insanity, then NewEgg has overseas website domains now, and people in the various overseas sections of the world should be limited to those areas of business, so as to not compete against a local market, but on the .com for USA as example Americans still have to compete with their business with overseas merchants...


No one should ever support this company again!

Level 9
I just received the motherboard back from the RMA department. It arrived with the Serial Number attached to the primary GPU slot intact. At this point I am thinking their RMA department overlooked or they are throwing a customer under the bus.

They want me to contact Asus for assistance.

"For further assistance, we recommend contacting the manufacturer directly to see if they can offer repair or replacement of the item(s) under the manufacturer warranty. Please use the following link to find the contact info for any manufacturer whose items we carry: Contact Manufacturer. "

I just received the motherboard back from the RMA department. It arrived with the Serial Number attached to the primary GPU slot intact. At this point I am thinking their RMA department overlooked or they are throwing a customer under the bus.
. "

First, I'd contact Newegg again and include a picture of the serial number on the board to show them they were incorrect, and that the serial number is on the board and that they missed it. Then I'd insist they pay for shipping because it was their mistake, and would push that you demand they accept it back. If they refused, I'd push that I want to be in contact with their manager. I'd get angry if I had to and say you are contacting the Federal Trade Commission. If that didn't get anywhere, then I'd consult with these guys to see what you can do--there is a chat window at the top. I wouldn't give up with Newegg myself. What they've done with you is not right.

One caveat: I'd be absolutely sure I could not get the board working. There may be steps to take that you can do to get your setup working. Asus customer support, perhaps, can give you info via customer support chat or email. There may also be others who have had the same problem who might have posted about the same or similar issues here on these pages, or at Tom's Hardware.

Level 13
What he said but try support first. At this point of you are just looking to dump it and keep the other board you bought you may be out of luck. New Egg used to be really good about taking things back with no hassles. I still have a premier account that I pay for and have zero issues with any returns and they give me free overnight shipping and priority RMA service. Whats ruined it for everyone is turds returning perfectly good items and made it to where they test everything returned as DOA or you pay restocking fee. Cant tell you how may IPS panels got returned from people sending back several over back light bleed becuase they saw a video on you tube that said to crank up brighness and contrast, go pitch black with the room and put up a static image and stare at it until you can see the back light. Look on any ones IPS panels now and they have a disclaimer over this. stores going broke selling open box high $$ monitors by the thousands. The one thing they did go south on is allowing others to list like amazon. The gouging isnt New Egg, their prices are always competitive however the 3rd party sellers will take you for a ride if you let them.

Its not them that ruined a good thing. Its people test driving hardware then sending it back within the return window when it works fine that killed it for everyone. No one can do that for long before they are out of business.