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New ROG Avatars are now available!

Community Admin
Community Admin

We just released some new avatars!

  • Head over to your profile page
  • Click on Edit Image (top right of your current avatar)
  • Choose a collection - change to ROG
  • Pick your new avatar!












* Please update your avatar, old ones will be removed soon.

FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

Level 8

Thanks for sharing! It would be nice if there was a preview area to see a bigger representation of each instead of having to click on them to change to them to see what each looks like. (Which is what I was doing on my new Asus ROG Flow X16 until I realized I could pinch to zoom, and get a bigger - and blurry - picture to look at... 😏).

Level 8

Tempting, but I think I'll be sticking with my parrot! 🦜

Oops! I'm letting our parrot spread its wings and fly, but don't worry, I'll replace it with a ROG beauty character in your avatar. Let's give that parrot a break and some virtual company! 😄🦜🎮

Level 8

Very Cool. Just changed mine.

Level 7

New ROG Avatars are now available!

suggests that a collection of new avatars related to ROG (Republic of Gamers) has been released or made accessible. Avatars are typically small images or icons that users can use to represent themselves, often in the context of online profiles, forums, or gaming platforms.

In the context of ROG, which is a brand associated with gaming hardware and peripherals by ASUS, these avatars could feature gaming-related themes, logos, or designs that align with the ROG brand. Users, especially gaming enthusiasts who identify with the ROG community, may find these avatars exciting or important as they provide a way to personalize their online presence with symbols associated with their gaming preferences or brand loyalty.

Level 7

Было бы отлично увидеть новые анимированные обои для Rog Phone 7 Ultimate