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New member? Introduce yourself here.

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Please introduce yourself and let us know more about you.

Let me start off,
My name is ottoyu34. You can find me in few other forums with the same name. Computers being one of my biggest hobbies. I'm into overclocking (for 24/7),watercooling,system building,gaming,folding,etc.

See you around.
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Hello new to forum's - Im kenny - Ive been a Master ASE Technician for 30 years and i build gaming computers on the side. I have alot of asus rigs but Having alot of issues with Armoury Crate and ryujin 240 coolers not working8352383528

Hello Everybody

My Name is Mehmet and i am from Germany. I am 38 years old.
This is my first Computer whis ROG Components. I hope i will have much fun with it.
Best Greets from Germany. *

hey everyone, my name is Larry, I have owned a Asus ROG Zephyrus GX501GI for just over a year now, and just a few weeks ago I was reinstalling windows 10 pro onto my laptop and when I turned my computer back on I had a user/power on password installed, I am not sure how I managed to do this, I did have an administrator password installed, but now I get to the first splash screen and instantly an enter password screen appears. I cannot boot into the bios, I have tried everything when it comes to resetting the cmos, I am at the point where I am wondering if I were to flash the bios, and start fresh. my only problem being, how do I go about doing that, or how do I get rid of the power on password? currently my laptop has the main battery disconnected as well as the cmos battery, but I am not sure that is actually going to clear the password, I am starting to be concerned, as I mostly use my computer for audio editing, I am not a gamer, and I probably didn't need this computer for what I use it for, which is 100 percent for audio recording, don't get me wrong, I love the computer, its super fast, looks beautiful, but more than what I need on the video side of things, anyways that is neither here nor there. can anyone help me get back into my computer? I have all the documents to reassure anyone who is skeptical of whether I own It outright or am a greasy guy who wants to unlock a stolen computer, I can assure you that is not the case. I asked tech support, and they literally did nothing for me, told me that the computer was essentially broken. I refuse to believe that, as it was working perfectly fine moments before me restarting it.

ive thought about creating a DOS bootable usb drive and flashing it, but I have only looking into it briefly, I am good with this sort of stuff, but would like some advice from someone who knows exactly what I need in order to accomplish that task.

other than that, I have no idea what to do, I need my computer up and running because my desktop is just not able to keep up with the software, and midi I was running and using regularly. so now everything lags when I try and work on songs I had started because the plug ins and all that jazz are to much for it to handle, and quite frankly I cant afford to buy a new laptop, or really put much money into this one.

if someone can please please help me, I would be beyond grateful.

-Larry Freeman

My name is Philip Brennan. I own an ASUS ROG GU501. I use it for gaming as well as music production and I love it! Glad to be here on the forum!


My name is SargePT. I am an intusiast of gaming, mostly FPS. i am a beguinner in overclocking. I like to learn about it.


Hello from Bulgaria. My name is Vladislav. Just got my Asus Rog G751JT. I know it's old, but gold. 🙂

Hello all--

I jumped onto this site because I have a 2016 model ROG that has given me problems both with replacing the HDD drive with a higher-capacity SSD (my primary concern at this point), and adding more RAM. The hard drive I'm replacing is *not* the one containing most of the Windows 10 system files.

In both cases, whenever I've replaced these components, the computer will partially boot up, but then not get past that initial stage.

I would be fascinated to hear what I might be doing wrong, because I have read so much online that has not solved the problem.

Both of the components are Crucial brand, and I am awaiting support info from them after recently requesting it.


New here but not new to asus rog
just checking in as per request , so I can then post my issue in regard to SSD upgrades.

hi all. overclocking and tweaking since Sinclairs ZX Spectrum.
Using Asus hardware because reliability and good tweaking abilities.
I love FPS games.

Hola buenas noches a todos,

Me llamo Jose y me he comprado un portátil Asus Rog GL730VE.

Un Saludo a todos