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New member? Introduce yourself here.

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Please introduce yourself and let us know more about you.

Let me start off,
My name is ottoyu34. You can find me in few other forums with the same name. Computers being one of my biggest hobbies. I'm into overclocking (for 24/7),watercooling,system building,gaming,folding,etc.

See you around.
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Hello guys,

My name is Theodore and I'm from Bulgaria. Repairing and refurbishing are among my favorite activities. A technical problem with G550JK brought me here. Here I found thread concerning similar issue and here I hope to get an adequate answer of my questions.

Hello to all! My name is Alan but I’m known as GhostDog on most forums. I’m a retired Systems Architect. I’ve been building systems as a hobby for many years but was on hiatus for the last six years. Life took higher priority for awhile. Just started on my first new system build since then. The technology certainly hasn’t been standing still while I was dealing with life’s surprises.*:D I’ve been engaged in a lot of catch up research and doing pretty well so far. Looking forward to getting fully back into the “game”.

Hey there people I'm new here been anxious to get this G75VW going for a while now! I just got a new motherboard and put it in and installed a new SSD and a new 2TB HD and am having issues damn! Figures, Lol! I have to figure out where to post an question about the issue I'm having and hope someone knows exactly what might be going on. I have a feeling its BIOS battery is dead.

Hi, I'm cpoly. I'm a hardware enthusiast and a casual gamer. I've had a Strix X370-F with a AMD R7 2700X for about 8 months and I must admit I'm happy with my decision. BTW it would be nice if I could actually post replies etc since I'm trying to figure out the temperature sensors' locations on the motherboard (at least those that appear on HWiNFO) and any help on these forums would be nice.

Hi Guys,

My name is Ramon and im glad for joining the Asus ROG Club.
After years of ps4 gaming I have made the switch for pc gaming.
Way better loading times and quick downloading.

I bought the asus rog scar 2 with 1070GTX card and im impressed by the performance.
Still will going for a little undervolt to control temperatures.

If you wanna hit me up; username will be desobeatss, focused on streaming for shooter games and goof story games.

Hi! I am a new user and I have trouble creating a thread.
I know that this is quite an old forum and I am pretty sure that almost No one would read this, but if in a 1/100 chance someone does read this Can you please Help me know how to create a forum?
The only reason I want to create a forum is because my system has an issue and I would like any assistance/advice before I either self repair my system or give it to an authorized repair center, which would cost a lot of money since my system is out of warranty.
Thank you in advance for the assistance and hoping someone can help me out.

Hi guys, my name is Paul, I’m 39 & I’m just getting back into gaming after quite a long break then an attempt to get into PS4 gaming which didn’t really happen for me! PC all the way for me. Built my first desktop many moons ago & it was quite the reliable steed! Unfortunately I have been turfed out of my “gaming room” by the kids so have no spare room for a desktop, but am more than impressed by my new gaming laptop I have just bought. My computer may have moved with the times but my choice of games haven’t, I still can’t get enough of Dawn of War or Crysis!! Takes me back quite a few years to 10 hour LAN parties! Anyway, hope to learn a thing or 2 from everyone else on here, & get help when I get too bogged down!*

Hello!!! Greetings From Italy! I'm an asus rog user since 10 years! :cool:

Hello guys!

My name is Rolo, I'm 41. After a few time I'm coming back to games, the last game I played on a PC, I think it was Stunts or Doom (I still remember IDDQD QAFD, etc). I use to love Wolfpack and games like that. My first computer was a Commodore 128 with 5 1/2 diskettes (yes! we are talking of the '80s), then a 286, 386, 486 and... never again played a single game on a PC. I'm an outdoor guy, I love running, swimming, skiing but what I love most is Down Hill (mountain bike)...Also, I love cars and RC stuff. I like cars and racing so much that I have to build a cockpit with a G28 (2009) and used it and abused for all this time (with a PS3 and GT prologue, GT5, and GT6).

Enduro bikes are awesome, they are some nice pice of engineering, but every year they cost more and more (more than a car can you believe that?).... and every "visit" that I made to the ground is more painful, sprains and fractures take more and more time healing, mornings are colder and every inch of my body is starting to suffer. I can't run more than 12K without a nice knee pain after. I have children and they need attention and time so those mornings riding a bike for 5 hours are much less often than I would like to (miss them, but I love my children and they are first)

On January of this year, my brother lends me a notebook (mine was not working), it had the Assetto Corsa, for some reason I connected it to my cockpit and the TV... and... 3 minutes later.. "I knew that I was F*** up". Now I need a new laptop for my work, mine is on its last days, I would not buy a new bike, but I'm going to buy a new notebook with a bit of steroids ( Actually I did it yesterday). I have read a lot, but I´m still ignorant about modern stuff, I know best would be to build my own PC, but the budget for a new notebook and a PC was not available.

Don't get me wrong, I will not get down of the bike, jumps are going to be a bit shorter and I will stop being that old guy that jumps like he is 18... I will do it like I'm 30...hahahaha

For sure what I will do, is to search and ask a lot in this forum!!!

Have a nice day guys!!

Long time Asus fan and long time gamer, love my ROG laptop and other Asus products I have purchased over the years!