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New member? Introduce yourself here.

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Please introduce yourself and let us know more about you.

Let me start off,
My name is ottoyu34. You can find me in few other forums with the same name. Computers being one of my biggest hobbies. I'm into overclocking (for 24/7),watercooling,system building,gaming,folding,etc.

See you around.
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Greetings from Italy

New to the ASUS GPU/MB game. Started with the ROG swift back in 2014. Then a RTX 3080 in 2021. Now RTX 4080 and First ROG Motherboard. Got to say I'm loving the quality and performance. 97117
ROG Z790-APEX : 13900KF (RTX4080) / EVGA Z370-FTW: 9900KF (RTX3080)

Hi all,
I am It engineer,newbie here .. Long time reader and now joined thiss wonderful community:)

I am new here.
Bought amazing OLED monitor.
Have a few questions, so I joined the forum.

Nice to meet you all.

I began building systems at a hobby level in the 1970s with an IMSAI 8080, which you had to enter binary bootstrap code via toggle switches EVERY time you turned it on! Got into full stack web development 10 yrs ago. It was about 7 years since I last built a custom system.

I'm putting together a system for graphics/video editing. The system has a Prime Z790 - A Wifi motherboard with an i9-13900k processor. I'm on my 7th purchase of memory sticks trying to get some stability (enough to pass memtest86 without error).

The last time I built a system (2015) memory was very solid. I'm tinkering with timings and am interested if there are settings that allow 4 sticks of 32mb ddr5 to actually work with this motherboard. There are no problems with 2 stick kits.

Usually not really one to be much social, but after a few years of building PCs and owning ROG laptops, I thought it's time to at least look some into the forums after finishing my latest build.

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Ahh Kaboom, I've heard things about you... in between the repeated beatings Travis mentioned something about some girl gamer who... went over 6 ghz. Very Impressive!

Hpnotiq wrote:
Ahh Kaboom, I've heard things about you... in between the repeated beatings Travis mentioned something about some girl gamer who... went over 6 ghz. Very Impressive!

Why thank you! That week I was a sponge soaking in as much info as I could. Team R.O.G was a huge help in breaking my 6ghz xD

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Hello everyone!

I'm probably one of the "older" members around. How much, I'm not telling, but I will let it out that I was programming an Apple ][+ in assembly language in my childhood, and have been in the technology scene ever since!

Among several older systems, my newest acquisitions are an ASUS eee PC for my wife (1005), and my own is a G71GX-A2. Although the product was only available for a short time, I am absolutely loving the 1680x1200 resolution screen. Seems that the "in" thing lately is much lower in pixel density!

I'm contemplating swapping the primary hard disk for a SSD, but waiting for prices to come down a bit more. Seems the hard drive is the worst performance hit, but that's usually the case with laptops!

Anyway, there's my short summary!

Level 7
Thought it was about time I introduced myself.

Ny name is Jesse and I go by the nick "69_Goat" on quite a few forums, including Overclockaholics, XS, I4 Memory, and others.
My nick comes from my other passion, which is muscle cars, particularly the 69 GTO. (GTOs were fondly refered to as goats back in the day, for all the youngsters in the crowd)
I currently own 2 69 GTOs, 1 of which is an original, flame orange Judge.

I've been a computer enthusiast for a long time and started seriously overclocking about a year and half ago.
For a little over a year now, have been benching for the OC Alliance Team.

For work, I own and operate a machine shop, where we do custom machining and welding, mostly for the oil & gas industries.

I'll be lurking around the forum and lending a hand when I can.
i7-980X | EVGA 762 Classified | 6GB Dom GT 2000C7 | GTX580 SLI

i7-2600K | Asus MIVE-Z68 | 4GB Dom GT 2000C8 | GTX580 Martix

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