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New member? Introduce yourself here.

Level 7

Please introduce yourself and let us know more about you.

Let me start off,
My name is ottoyu34. You can find me in few other forums with the same name. Computers being one of my biggest hobbies. I'm into overclocking (for 24/7),watercooling,system building,gaming,folding,etc.

See you around.
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Welcome, welcome! It's always good to see new faces around here 🙂

Kaboom wrote:
Welcome, welcome! It's always good to see new faces around here 🙂

Yeah, even if they are a bit leathery 😉
A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station…

I've had a

Intel Core i7-4790K processor - 4.0GHz with TURBO BOOST to 4.4GHz
1 TB SSD drive

For just over a year now. Been playing mostly Fallout 4 lately, but finished it a few times,
so been waiting for Steam to finish downloading Doom for a few days now!

Also playing Hitman and COD

Hoping to get a GTX 1080 into the G20AJ case soon!!!


Hello all looking farward to see what the future brings 😄

Hi all. I'm Adam. I used to do a lot of first-person shooters but these days I play low key games, mostly 2d games like Faster than Light, Plants VS Zombies, Metal Slug, Killer Queen, that kind of thing. I love software, tech connected to health/wellness, accessibility, and entertainment.

As a computer graphics and videographer amateur, I need lots of storage space so I've been getting into NAS and home networking. I recently picked up the ROG GT-AC5300 and hoping to get VPN Fusion up and running smoothly on it soon.

KAT-PWR here. Into cars, hence the name. KA-Turbo 240sx.
Been getting deeper and deeper into overclocking. Love custom watercooling. Including a pic of the latest 3d printed front panel mod.
Have an i7-8086k running at 5.3/0AVX, 5.0Uncore. I won this CPU from the intel sweepstakes almost a year ago, shortly after I build my first computer (7700k). So I ended up building a whole new system with an Aorus Gaming 7 mobo.
Have my G.skill F4-3000C14D-16GTZ overclocked to 4000mhz at 17-17-17-36. Looking forward to being apart of the forum, cheers.

Hello everybody,

My name is Bjorn and I'm an oldtimer from Norway, Scandinavia. I'm a retired developer (although I still program a little from time to time) who've worked both as an in-house developer for many years and later in my own company.

I live at the country side with my cat. I like living here because it's quiet, secluded, fresh air, and I can see wild animals right outside the window. Although I had to wait until last year to get a fiber connection to Internet ...

As for PC's I'm mostly an end-user nowadays. I play a few video games but they're oldies because I don't have a powerful PC (yet) to play games that demand a lot from the hardware. That's going to change this year though. I miss only a few parts now before I can build my new PC. As for the games I want to play, I'm mostly interested in space games like Star Citizen and Elite: Dangerous. I also want to check how X4: Foundations is to play.

Best Regards,

My gaming chair:

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Hi everyone.

Hello everybody.
I am happy to be member of Asus comunity.

Hello everyone. New member here. Name is Luis. I have experience building my own pcs, and a couple that I built for a friend. I decided to join recently because I have never had problems building a pc until now. I am disabled and can't use my left arm so it takes me longer to build a pc and I only build my own since the injury, and when I can.

About 3 months ago I decided to upgrade my pc, had an Asus X99-A mobo with an i9 9900k cpu with 64 gigs of ddr4 ram and 4 months ago I installed on it a Geforce 4090 and a 15tb intel pcie SSD, which are much faster for gaming than sata SDDs. If you can buy one you should try it. They are incredibly fast for games.

Anyway, 3 months ago I bought an Asus Maximus Z790 Extreme, an i9 13900k, 2 sets of DDR5 sticks,( I always buy 2 sets just in case one set is bad) and a new corsair h150i elite lcd cooler. I had an older cooler, but the exact same one. With either cooler the mobo could not dissipate heat from the cpu, and before it would crash I was able to get it to run for a bit and also gave me memory errors. I alsoadded the same SSD drives, an hdd drive for documents and the 4090 gpu the older system had. The mobo or cpu could not find 2 dimm slots, and the third one would cause a loop in the error code phase. Only the ram in the B2 slot was recognized.

I returned that mobo and bought another one, brand new. It arrived with the plastic piece that is right on top of the q-code led. I still installed it to see if it had the same problems as the first one. Although this one had no problem dissipating the heat from the cpu it still gave me memory errors. Again 2 of the dimm slots were not recognized and I could only get it to be partially stable with just one stick of ram in the B2 slot. i returned that mobo as well and decided to try a Maximus Z790 hero. But this one is also having the same problems with memory. i came here to see if anyone was able to find what is wrong and if anyone has been lucky enough to solve these memory errors. So far it seems lots of people are having these same problems.