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New member? Introduce yourself here.

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Please introduce yourself and let us know more about you.

Let me start off,
My name is ottoyu34. You can find me in few other forums with the same name. Computers being one of my biggest hobbies. I'm into overclocking (for 24/7),watercooling,system building,gaming,folding,etc.

See you around.
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Morné here. I've had my ASUS ROG G750JW for I can't even remember how long. I bought it as a software development laptop and it served me really well for a long time. Due to being issued with Work Laptops for the past 5-6 years, I haven't used this laptop in a long time. Now that I've fired it up I realise how much I've missed working on it.

Can someone let me know how I would go about posting a question about upgrading my RAM? I can't seem to find a way to start a new thread?


hello everyone,

just joined the forum to learn more about overclocking, water cooling, and how to fix my own issues with my build, hope to get to know everyone here more!

Hi my name is David, I play mostly fps and racing games.

Hi, my name is Paul and I have just purchased a new ROG especially for flight simulation. I am new to gaming and senior, maybe very senior in age so setting this up has been a task for me.

I have had a few issues with my new computer and hope that some of the experienced people here can help me out.

I am having issues when starting or waking the computer, it doesn't provide a signal to my monitor, sometimes I have to reboot three times before the monitor comes to life.

The other issue I am having is that the wireless adapter keeps switching off and I have to do a windows repair to get it working again.

If anyone has any advice I would appreciate the help.

I have downloaded the latest drivers for both windows and the GForce RTX2070S, have been a bit frustrated as this is my first gaming computer and am not used to things not working normally.

Brazilian, FPS addicted, using Asus since P2B now with TUF B550-plus.

Hi Folks,

I just bought the GT-AX11000 router. I'll be posting a key question relating to OpenVPN Client. It's in the specs but I can't find a reference to the function in the manual.

Hello everyone my name is Fabius and I am growing up with computers and learned myself to build and write over the past year
so it was my hobby and did see almost everything like the change of the ATARI, ATARI ZX2600 computer, SONY MSX, Philips,
Commodore, ZXspectrum, IBM, Apple Tulip, Toshiba before Windows 3.0 was developed!!! So it became my hobby to explore every
computer and what the possibility where to work and play with there was visual programs like Windows 95/ 98/ 2000/ Millennium/
XP/ home/ pro/ ultimate/ azure/ Windows 7/ 8/ 10/ Home/ Pro/ Enterprise/ Ultimate/ Linux/ Unix IBM OS.

So it was and its still my passion to build and work with. I love it my last biggest project was an heavy Pc with Z87 Extreme11/ac motherboard + 4 NVIDIA Titans + WIFI/ Bluetooth/ Water cooling for the processor/ Intel i7 processor and water cooling for the Titans + 32GB DDR4/ 1TB SSD/ 4TB Sata hard drive and 1500 Watt power supply. For what? Well I was wondering if it could work with heavy Rivit cad programs and a lot of games the best game ever was Ghost Recon Phantom Online
gaming but unfortunately they stopped and why? nobody now's, the details of the game was outstanding real, there will be never a new game like that!

This time I play the other versions of the Recon Wildlands and the Rainbow Six and the Division and Future Soldier and Metro 33.

So I build/ I play games/ I repair smartphones/ I build websites/ I Photo-shopping 2. That's me my self and I Fabius. :D:cool:

I bought a 2 year old g11cd-k desktop. Was doing installation of Bios.

I was using winflash.. The program said that the bios was compatible. It was downloaded in the download folder and unzipped.. But after initaiting the bios upgrade, not sure what happened.. Now I cannot even get any display from my computer.. All fans start, the cd seems to be running.. BUt not the USB.. I tried reseting the bios but that did not help.. I am really stuck now..

Hello from North America !

I am trying to restore an older Asus ROG G751JT-DH-72CA> obtained with 2 missing hdd and SSD....
Having trouble to install and run new Windows-10 2004ver.... and NV video drivers = the Sysem locks every few minutes to a hault
Can not move the mouth cursor and unable to open Explorer and browse HTTPS web sites.....It happens repetetively every 2-3 minutes.

I am known as Fatha Tyme, a name given to me by people I play pool with because sooner or later I always catch up. I live on the island of Maui, in the state of Hawaii.