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New member? Introduce yourself here.

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Please introduce yourself and let us know more about you.

Let me start off,
My name is ottoyu34. You can find me in few other forums with the same name. Computers being one of my biggest hobbies. I'm into overclocking (for 24/7),watercooling,system building,gaming,folding,etc.

See you around.
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Hello everyone! My name's Peter and I've been using ASUS hardware for some time. Currently I've got STRIX-GTX1070 and Z97-PRO GAMER Motherboard. I am happy to be here with you 🙂

Best regards,


Hello All

Doing a quick introduction. My name is Scott and I have been building PC's since 1988. My latest build is a AMD Ryzen 3900x. Built on the ROG Strix x570-F. Looking to upgrade to the Strix 5700XT soon.

Hi Everyone, My name is Phil Lear. My ROG Motherboard is actually the basis for a Photo Editing PC rather than a Gaming PC, due to my interest in Landscape Photography. Nevertheless, this is a good place to find answers to techie things and chip in where I can. ROG on, Phil L:)

Hi all,

I recently joined the group here, and posting here to introduce myself. I should have done this along time ago, as I've been a big believer in Asus products for quite some time. I've built a number of computers, and Asus has always given me the best results when it comes to motherboards & video cards. Almost all of my computers have been for sim racing (besides a workstation or two for CAD work), as I'm a hardcore sim racer, and also have a sim race business (but that's on the back-burner for now). I'm also a mechanical engineer, currently working in the surgical robotics industry. My current computer in my main sim rig is probably about due for an upgrade/update in motherboard & CPU, but below are the specs of what it is right now:

Thermaltake Core V21 case
Asus Maximus VIII Gene motherboard
Intel i5 6600 (overclocked 31%)
Corsair H100 V2 water Cooler
16GB ram (G.Skill TridentZ DDR4 3200)
Asus RTX2080 video card
Corsair LE SSD 480GB (2X)
Windows 10 64bit Home edition
Triple Asus monitors
Samsung Odessey+ VR headset

Simulator itself is one of my custom design frames (may go into production soon), with OSW Large Mige DD steering, numerous steering wheels (with quick release hubs), 3 different shifters to choose from, Fanatec Club Sport V3 pedals, custom hand brake, and RaceTech Cobra seat.

Anyway, I'm happy to have finally joined the group here!

Hi everyone,

My name is Zhivomir and I am an electrical design engineer (and a gamer lol). I like the "computers" topic and would like to be part of this community. Moreover, I have an issue which I hope to find the solution for.

I'm a game developer and I want to jump of brand to ROG laptops, I enter here because I have some concern about, that I couldn't find in all the forum, do HIDevolution trusty to buy from?

Any advice is welcome.


Hey you cool cats and kittens.

long time listener first time caller.

I'm Derpajerb, friends call me Jerb.

Been gaming since I was 5 on a C64, which i still have a fire up now and then for a spirited round of ' California Games ' with the kids. Left pc gaming during the Halo boom and went to console, and came back with the release of Battlefield 3.

I'm not as sharp when it comes to building and troubleshooting pcs as I once was; things have really changed since the pentium 2 days.

Fav online shooters

-Delta Force Land Warrior
-Halo 3
-Rainbow Six Vegas
-Badcompany 2

Legit as, asked ASUS about the fan specs for the RX470 external fan plug. It's got an extra fan plug that can be controlled using GPU Tweak II right. Anyway, I was being a cheeky bugger, because I found a 5 amp 12 volt fan that spins its balls off and thought that would be a beast to add extra cooling. Problem is, most motherboards can only run 2 amps at the fan pins. 5 is huge. So I asked ASUS what the plug on my STRIX RX470 could handle. They said...

" According to ASUS Global Technical Support Department, fans are 0.25amps so 5 will be plenty. "

...PLENTY! Hahahahahaha! Do you guys understand? He's saying, the card is good for up to 0.25 amps of draw, so I can draw 5 amps and I'll be all good! Can't wait to get a new FREE card from ASUS. Watch this thing catch on fire! I'll post pics )

Anyway. Hi everyone. Yes, I will never buy ASUS again. The worst company I have ever had dealings with, as far as customer support. Paid over $600 for this card, first week of August 2016. Fans failed and they wanted me to post my card to them, meaning I would have no card, while I wait for them to fix their F'up, and the postage cost more than just buying the fans! They never offered to post me upgraded fans, free of charge. Now, looking at the heat sink, I see there are two heat pipes, and they don't even cover the die! It needed 3, but ASUS were too cheap. Huge lump of aluminium where there should be copper. I mean, come on. For $600 I should have gotten a better deal than that. Got it because it wasn't so power hungry, and I was looking at changing from MSI to ASUS. Ha! Yeah. I'm a fool. Back to trusty old MSI )

I know. Preaching to the choir. See ya 'round.

Im Max and....

im ready to try this badass community!

First rog laptop zephyrus s17. is a beast.

Hi There Asus Community! I have an Asus ROG G20BM-2016 Compact Desktop and need help or advice on potential available upgrades for GPU, RAM, ect...
I have tried researching potential upgrades via google searches but I get very little helpful information; mostly the results render answers to the newer model numbers such as ROG (AJ) (CB) ect...If anyone could give me some advice it would really go along way...