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New member? Introduce yourself here.

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Please introduce yourself and let us know more about you.

Let me start off,
My name is ottoyu34. You can find me in few other forums with the same name. Computers being one of my biggest hobbies. I'm into overclocking (for 24/7),watercooling,system building,gaming,folding,etc.

See you around.
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Hi there, my name is Ersel i love the Asus Products Speacially ROG series cuz i am 30 years old Retro Gamer Like anykinda games and most survival games, Rock & Metal Music Lover but Listen everything, watch All Tv-Show, Movies, Cartoons, Animes, and Reads Books, Comic Books, Mangas Some kinda geek person nice to meet you all Ersel "Atreides" Elric

New to this forum. I've been tweaking and tinkering for the past 2 years on my very first self-built PC. Pretty successful so far, but have some questions! See you out there.


My name is David. I am a big gaming fan and would love to be part of ROG. I was lucky enough to visit Insomnia 64 last week where I purchased a superb mouse for my gaming rig. Even luckier I won a keyboard as part of the purchase. However ROG have not been in touch since to pass on the keyboard. I have tried to email using the online form but it comes up with an error.

Is there anyone out there that would know of an email address or phone number that I could use to get in touch with the guy's there?



Ben here.

I own an Asus G74SX and look to upgrade it soon. I'm going to be perusing the posts here trying to see if anyone else is doing similar changes to me, and hope I can find answers.

Hey y'all i'm new to this forum and to desktop gaming I have a Asus Maximus Extreme 4 And i got Random Bsod's while playing games like Pubg Dying Light But also sometimes random when i'm doing stuff on the desktop :(:(:(

GanjaReaper420 wrote:
Hey y'all i'm new to this forum and to desktop gaming I have a Asus Maximus Extreme 4 And i got Random Bsod's while playing games like Pubg Dying Light But also sometimes random when i'm doing stuff on the desktop :(:(:(

Hi there. Make sure to use your existing thread and post an update. People won't be able to help you in this thread for introductions only.
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new guy on Asus


Hey everyone, I've been enjoying Asus Mobo builds for quite a while, always impressed with the features and quality provided. Never had a failure, they just hook up and run smooth from power on.
Finally gave in and stepped up to Win10 recently, too bad to see 7 go away, but that's another topic. Onward and upward!

Hi all!

Happy to be part of ROG community and into a desktop gaming. I was initially laptop and console gamer but an year ago I decided to build a high-end desktop to experience something new. And it proved to be totally correct especially with that high level of customisation that you can afford with high-end ASUS mobo. And it looks really cool that you can have lots of fun in customizing your PC with LED strips and RGB fans. Totally new experience without mentioning the overclocking possibilities.


I'm not much into gaming these days but love having a beefy PC with decent specs, for cooling and effeciency/noise purposes. I've used a lot of ASUS gear over the last 5 years and lately find myself buying Corsair or ASUS for nearly everything. In terms of dependability and reliability. I've just built a new system, so I thought it would be good to sign up here in advance.. in terms of any problems I might have.. as it's on the AM4 platform and I'm switching from Intel (for the last 10 years). I've just purchased my first ASUS motherboard, the Crosshair VI. Looking forward to getting into the BIOS, as it's loaded with options and for me there can never be too many options. I don't play games often these days, but like to know that if I do, temps, fps and everything will be rock solid and that my computer won't sound like an industrial factory.

I've been pleased by ASUS reliability and driver support over the years.

I've been a happy user of ASUS GTX970ti for 5 years now, and it's never missed a beat. The fans have never stopped ticking (something I've had a problem with, with other cards where they just die out of the blue). I don't know how much life it has left in it but it's been flawless this whole time. A big part of the reason I like ASUS GPU's is that it feels like the fans, cooler and vrms etc.. are dependable. Recently switched to a RTX 2070. I probably should have got GTX 1080ti used, but I like to buy new.. and there's no way I'm buying an RTX2080ti at the moment, with the massive prices.. especially since I don't game much.

Very happy ASUS customer over the last few years.. and hope it can continue. I'm a big fan of the robust specs that ROG stuff usually has. I wish there was less leds, and flashy bling.. but what can you do. I love that my RTX 2070 has a switch on the card itself, to turn the lights off. Awesome stuff ASUS!