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New member? Introduce yourself here.

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Please introduce yourself and let us know more about you.

Let me start off,
My name is ottoyu34. You can find me in few other forums with the same name. Computers being one of my biggest hobbies. I'm into overclocking (for 24/7),watercooling,system building,gaming,folding,etc.

See you around.
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raw7777777 wrote:
Hi all,

Al here … I need my acct. registered so I can view images in the forum.

Moderator, you there ?

Welcome to the ROG Forum. Your account status has been upgraded, let us know if you still can't view images.
FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

Hi everybody! I’m Nicolás, just call me Nick. I really like pc-wise and be update about technology.
I have a medium gear right now, ROG GL553VD. I enjoy to play rpg and shooter games and some strategy games too.
I don’t have to much time to play because of job but I try don’t lose training.
See you soon I some topic! Have a great day!**

hi all ! was on hear with old email now on with a new one, I have is a old rampage III black edition, intel i7 970 @ 3.2ghz, with corsair vengeance ram at 18G, corsair h55 waterblock, nvidia GTX 1070 TI, 1TB Seagate barracuda drive and a Samsung 860evo 250G, currently in a corsair case and will be swapping over to a corsair corsair crystal 570 RGB


as the title say i am a linux fun, not very interested about gaming but the gl504gm is a pretty good machine 😉

Hola all

Hi All:

Howdy've got an old fart now. :rolleyes: I'm Sean from Southern California, just about ready to retire. My ONLY gaming I've ever done has been Flight Simulation. Got my real pilot's license back in 1983, then got married in 1988 and the flying funds dried up. Been a simmer since Day One with MS Flight Simulator- back into the DOS and Apple II ages. My first PC was a Radio Shack TRS-80 4k Level 1 that had a cassette deck as a hard drive. Then graduated up to Apple IIe, then finally a 486 Packard Bell. Built about 8 machines since then. Just about ready to take the plunge on a i9-9900k on a Maximus XI Extreme on full water. And since MS Flight Sim is ancient like me now, also ready to load up Prepar3D v4.3 with a PMDG 777x and a 737NGX. I don't do much on the way of oc'ing...just some milds to keep up with the Joneses. My current system, though, is in the 85+ percentile on UserBenchmark with the new GTX1080tiFTW3. Got lucky I guess!

Big Asus fan - have always used their MBs, but I've got to tell you that the Aura issue that landed me here is the darndest issue I've EVER had to resolve. But I'd still maintain that everywhere, no matter which Mfr, there are issues. Fortunately, I've never had to contact Asus support other than here. And that's coming from someone who has to has a squeaky-clean Event Viewer. 😉

Hello, I'm the new guy here and just like to say hello to everyone! This is my first gaming rig and new to this high powered pc. I thought this would be the perfect place to get help. Kinda a big fan of ASUS as my last pc had the ASUS Sabertooth Z97.


Hi all,
My name is Galin. I`m beginner enthusiast. Currently living in UK, i have been a gamer for the bigger part of my life, but now my new passion is overclocking, case modding and custom water cooling. I`m still a learner so please bare with me.

Hello everyone, i'm owner of beutiful rampage vi extreme and my name is Fabio 🙂
See around!

HI guys!! I am from philippines and i just bought a bundle of motherboard and CPU (Z390 H-Gaming and I5 9600k) I am so confused about the promotion of Asus Rog about the CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 4 PROMOTION 😞 😞 Base on what i`ve read i should get a deluxe edition of COD BO4, but the problem is i dont have the asus code... Question is.. Where can i get my asus code for redemption?? should i register my Serial number to the asus promotion to get my Asus Code? or my retailer will be the one who will provide for me? Thankyouu for your reply! TIA.