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New member? Introduce yourself here.

Level 9

Please introduce yourself and let us know more about you.

Let me start off,
My name is ottoyu34. You can find me in few other forums with the same name. Computers being one of my biggest hobbies. I'm into overclocking (for 24/7),watercooling,system building,gaming,folding,etc.

See you around.
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Hey guys. My name is Patrick Baylon. I'm from PH. I just upgraded my rig to Skylake (too bad i did not wait for Kabylake but that's fine). I'm planning on upgrading rig parts specifically my CPU cooler and chasis and planning to buy a Corsair H100i V2 and NZXT S340 ELite respectively. I'm play a lot of Dota 2. Currently finished playing Rise of the Tomb Raider. Hoping to meet some gamers here.

Hi my name is iwan, just upgrade to 1080 GTX and kabylake, nice to meet you all

Level 12
Welcome drokker, Have fun, start a build thread with pics 🙂

Hi and welcome to the forums.

So I followed all the instruction on overclocking my GPU however im not seeing any performance increase. I can't really boost anything else cause it will crash my driver. Here are my settings listed since this forum apparently can't handle file uploads well. I made sure the OC was taking with GPU-Z and not resetting back to stock.

CPU: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor (4143MHz) x3

STOCK BENCHMARK @ 1920x1067 windowed
FPS: 78.0
Score: 3262
Min FPS: 22.9
Max FPS: 123.4

OVERCLOCK BENCHMARK @ 1920x1067 windowed
FPS: 77.8
Score: 3255
Min FPS: 22.5
Max FPS: 124.8

at a loss here as I am new to overclocking and not sure what else to do. any help is appreciated. thanks

Level 7
New member. Just bought my son a GL702VM-BHI7N09 from Best Buy.

I'm here to get user support as we learn this machine and run into questions.

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Hello. I'm *Andreas from Indonesia. I'm new to ROG. Just bought a GL502VS as my first gaming laptop. I used PC for gaming. But since I have to work away from home, I bought this new sweet thing. I love to game, photography, and I make videos or short films just for fun. Oh and I work in hospitals and walk in clinics as a GP. Nice to meet you guys! Feel free to ask me anything!

Level 7
Hi My name is Lawlez

Im an IT Application engineer, i love computers and digital art.

Systems built so far: 4

since 2011 i create Digital art in Cinema 4D and other tools.

I managed a page on facebook wich posts some beautiful builds why not take a look at "Top of the Mods"

Im a big fan of Asus products

Level 8

I'v been buying asus proiducts for years and find them quite reliable.

I'v had a g74sx-3de laptop since 2012. It still goes strong and has been over seas in a couple of deserts. i'm going to upgrade the CPU to a 2760qm (Finally, as it is very cheap now to buy and the laptop will probably need its first clean!!)

Hello, I'm new here, just got an ROG IX Formula board hence my joining. I'll be doing some custom watercooling (naturally).