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New member? Introduce yourself here.

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Please introduce yourself and let us know more about you.

Let me start off,
My name is ottoyu34. You can find me in few other forums with the same name. Computers being one of my biggest hobbies. I'm into overclocking (for 24/7),watercooling,system building,gaming,folding,etc.

See you around.
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Hello, Asus user & fans since 1997 here

Hi! I'm Jeff. I am new here. PC's are my hobby. I just built a new beast. Check it out:

ASUS ROG Strix X99 Gaming
Intel i7-5820 @ 4.5GHz
Memory (part number):
32GB EVGA SuperSC DDR4 3200
Graphics Card #1:
Asus ROG Strix RX 480 O.C. 8GB GDDR5
Sound Card:
1 Gateway FHD2400, 2 AOC 2260
Storage #1:
Kingston 120GB SSD
Storage #2:
4 1TB Western Digital Black Performance
CPU Cooler:
Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Cougar Solution
Power Supply:
Corsair AX1200i
Razer BlackWidow Ultimate Battlefield 3 Edition
Windows 10 Pro
Accessory #1:
3 60cm LED RGB magnetic light strips

Hi. I'm Richard. Just wanted to finally join the forum after I have been looking around and reading and all the help I have gotten from all of you.
Hope to learn more while I'm here. Just finished building my first system and have all the post bugs out and seems to be running great.

Thanks everyone who posts here. This place was a great source over late nights building my first rig.

Hope to talk to some of you soon.


Rig set-up.

ASUS - X99-A Motherboard
Intel i7-6850K - Server chip at 3.6Ghz - Clocked now at 4.0Ghz
Corsair Vengeance Ram - CMK64GX4M4B3200C16 - 64 gigs
C Drive - NVME - M.2 Samsung 950 Evo - On the Asus board
D Drive - Samsung 1T SSD Evo 850
E Drive - Samsung 1T SSD Evo 850
F Drive - Western Digital 5T Black 7200rpm - Backup Drive
2 - MSI Armor GTX 1080 cards in SLI
1200 watt AX1200i Corsair power supply

ASUS - X99-A Motherboard
Intel i7-6850K - Server chip at 3.6Ghz - Clocked now at 4.0Ghz
64 gigs Corsair Vengence Ram
C Drive is an NVME - M.2 Samsung SSD 512Gb - On the Asus boards M.2 Slot
D Drive - Samsung 1T SSD Evo 850
E Drive - Samsung 1T SSD Evo 850
F Drive - Western Digital 5T Black 7200rpm - Backup Drive
2 - MSI Armor GTX 1080 cards in SLI
AX1200i Corsair power supply

Hi everybody, I'm quite new to gaming and PC and I'm a video Editor by trade (moved over from Mac cause they don't give enough hardware for what you pay).
I've saved up and bought myself a G752VL it came with the minimal components as i planned to upgrade it myself buuuuut I've now started trying to upgrade it and cant seem to get it to work properly. I bought a 128gb samsung m.2 950 Pro (supposed to be a fast ssd) and installed the OS on there but it still takes around 47 seconds to fully boot , I'm not sure what I did wrong but I think the SSD should boot a lot faster than that. Also I have this problem where the laptop freezes at random times , never during gaming for some reason , only when i'm doing smaller tasks. Could someone help me to fix the laptop or possibly link me to a thread that has the information to fix it. Starting to worry that I have a faulty laptop and I'm wandering if I should send it back.

My name is Benjamin, 31 years old but i`m not a gamer anymore. Stopped by to check out if somebody of you guys could help me to solve my problem with my Asus board and my SSDs. I`m an overclocking noob who builded last year my first OC PC. Everything was fine until last week as an BIOS update broke my RAID 0. Since then i'm looking for a solution and i thought maybe somebody here can help me.

ASUS Z170 Deluxe

Intel i7-6700K

Memory (part number):
32GB G Skill Trident Z DDR4 3400

2 x Samsung 950 Pro NVMe M.2 256GB SSD

CPU Cooler:
Corsair H110i GTX

Fractal Design R5

Power Supply:
Enermax Digifanless 80+ Platinum

Windows 10 Pro


My name is Mike and am from Holland. I 'm the owner of a Rampage V Extreme. I have inherited this board from a close friend of my who was very sick.
I want some advice from you tweakers. I have a lot of problems with the bord. Is take almost 1 minute to boot up. I know how to build a PC. It has a SSD 850 evo 1 TB, 16 GB mem and a Asus GTX 980.
Is there someone that can help me with the right bios settings. I don't need OC. I just want to normaly use the PC for some simple gaming and browsing. And with that honor my friend. Thanks for any help.

Hi every one my name is steve but every one calls me crazy i am manly just a gamer on pc . i am a painter by trade . im always up grading my pc witch is what i spend
most of my time on . Im into bf1 at the moment . i run a maxmus vii hero 850 power supply 16 gig ram asus 1070 and a i7 4790k and windows 10 64 bit os

Hi everyone my name is Robert with handle rsbaldassano. I am not new to ASUS, but I am new to the ROG forum. I just built my third system, my second with an ASUS MOBO. This time I took the route of an upgrade, just changing the MOBO, Video Card, CPU, cooler and memory, keeping my case, fans and SSD and hard drives. So my system is now ROG Maximus VIII Hero based with 32 GB of G.Skill Tridentz DDR4 RAM, an i7 6700K CPU, Thermaltak Frio Silent 12 cooler, and a Sapphire Nitro Radeon R9 Fury GPU, I also added an ASUS USB-BT-400 Bluetooth USB adapter as my old ASUS board had Bluetooth and the new one does not. My drives consist of a Samsung 840 EVO 750 GB SDD and a mixture of SATA 3 and SATA 2 drives internal to the box, with 2 external NAS for heavy duty storage. I run Windows 10 Anniversary version on this home brew desktop, and have a Windows 10 mobile phone a Lumia 950 and 1020. My system is running overclocked and stays very cool. I am having an issue with AI Suite 3, as while it was running initially before I reloaded all my software again, it started to run erratically, sometimes starting and sometimes not. So I uninstalled it and then installed the latest AI Suite build and the system immediately started to throw exceptions, mostly access violations and DIP4.DLL issues, so I had to eventually uninstall it after 3 or 4 attempts to reinstall. So I am just ding all my settings in the BIOS in Advanced Mode. When a future version of AI Suite comes out, I will try again. I hope to learn from all of your issues with the same motherboard. My interests are Computers, Electronics, Photography, Travel. I am not really a gamer, but the previous interests require a fast machine that can handle large files quickly. I am retired after 2 careers, one as a LT. Col in the USAF and a second as a defense industry program manager on very large projects.

I'm Mirza and I justo got in the OC world with an I7 6700K, Maximus Hero VII+Strix 1070 OC. Came here to solve some compatibility problems and to get some info about OC.

hi my friends, i'm roberto from italy, and i'm an architect.

my workstation is:

ASUS Z170i Pro Gamer
i7 6700k
32GB ddr
Samsung M.2 950Pro
Samsung SSD 850Evo
Ati R9 380
1 Dell Monitor fullhd 24
1 Dell Monitor 4k 27
Logitech wireless k800 keyboard
Logitech Wireless Mx Master Mouse