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New member? Introduce yourself here.

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Please introduce yourself and let us know more about you.

Let me start off,
My name is ottoyu34. You can find me in few other forums with the same name. Computers being one of my biggest hobbies. I'm into overclocking (for 24/7),watercooling,system building,gaming,folding,etc.

See you around.
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Greetings all,

I am new to gaming, as well as ASUS computers. However, in my recent shopping, I have become interested in the G74/G75 series of gaming computers.

To be honest, either of the units listed above will be light-years ahead of what I foresee myself doing from a gaming perspective, but I like the way the G series look, and after looking at several competitors, I find them to have alot of bang for the buck.

I'll be browsing around and learning, but I just wanted to say "hello".

Be safe.

hello my name is gerald

i'm a big fan of ASUS Republic of gamer, you guys are so lucky having this kind of computer.
have a nice day.

happy gaming .

Hi Everyone.
I am a guy in my 60's, a grandad, still working as a self employed consultant in the PCB CAD design business. I will soon start ordering parts to build a kick butt work/play station pc. Beginning with the ASUS Rampage 4 LGA2011 MB, the i7 3930K proc, all in a Coolermaster HAF X pedestal, powered by the Coolermaster gold 1200W PSU and MSW7 prof OS. Can you help me decide which GPU (maybe 2), HD, SSD (2), 32G RAM, what type cooling, what card reader, what dvd/cd, sound card, etc.
Any advise would be appreciated as I would like to get this rolling asap.
I need a vacation!

Hi im Epixha i play League of legends and going to play GW2 and Diablo 3, but i still dont know wich graph card i should buy
gainward gefore 560 ti 1gb or sapphire radeon hd 7770 1gb
Plz help

whats up guys i am new here still trying to get the hang of this forum i am 19 years old and i appreciate ROG products.I am into building and also want to get in to some overclocking.:cool:

My name is Jim and I live in Madison, Wisconsin. I'm into fast rigs, fast cars, hooning, disc golf, camping, fishing, hiking, and general tomfoolery.

Pics of my rig can be found here.

Hey guys, My name is Diego "Cpt" Bodart and I'm a huge fan of gaming and RoG, I represent Team Legion and I'm here looking for opportunities and potential players! I mainly Play League of Legends and I'm starting to get into Tribes:Ascend which is a heavy game graphically! but nothing for RoG's :).

Bulldozer here sending out a BIG hello from Denmark. I am the proud owner of a G74SX-tz318v - decent spec. - bad standard software as usual. So with a reference to this movie : (must see) - "same procedure as last year miss Sophie" - which is a clean Win install and 95% need to have (drivers, programs ect.) and 5% nice to have (fun gadgets). For that I found this forum by far the most useful - so a big thanks to all the nerd Guru's and forum mods that is putting a big effort in providing up-to-date information and solutions.


Hey guys! I'm new here.

Not much to say.. I currently own a G72 and I try my best to make it run at peek performance. This forum seems to have a great deal of information and updates on Asus Tech, so I'll be checking the site often.

G72GX__ GeForce GTX 260M__ 6GB RAM__ Intel Core 2 Dou CPU p8700 @2.52GHz

Bonjour! Ma fille vient juste d'acheter un portable Asus de la Série G74S. Après quelques petits soucis de configuration, elle en est bien satisfaite! Disons que c'est un ordinateur qui servira surtout à des logiciels 3d en période scolaire. Et de jeux, bien sûr, quand ce sera le temps!!! Ma question, comme c'est moi principalement qui fera la maintenance de cet ordinateur, j'aimerais savoir dans quel topic je devrais poser ma question à propos d'une mise à jour de bios qui m'est demandée depuis quelques semaines. Merci de m'éclairer! :cool: