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New forum appearance worse than previous

Level 11

Anyone else thin the new lool is worse, information wise that is?


Can only see 5 threads per page and that only shows when it was created not when last comment was. Previously we could see 10+ thresds [er page and actually see when the last comment made in a thread was. Right now I can see threads shown as 1 week ago when ithe last comment was made today. I can't see most recent comment made  at x day/time without clicking to view a thread. Which results on me having to click and view threads to find out if there has been any new comments since I last checked.

Oh and Subscribing to threads has never worked for me. Not even in threads I've created so i gave up on that. Is this just me or is this the same behaviour for others? How do you all feel about the STUPID.....sorry, 'SMART' device style HUGE listings that requires more work and time, minimals as that may be, to interact with?

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Level 10

Thank you Mr. M, for the info. Will be using that for now on, this S!@# is god awful!!!!!

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Level 13

This is truly horrible. You can't find anything. Sorting doesn't work - the dates are not right,

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Level 11

Somebody thought this format is a good idea? WTF?

Level 9

Anyone figured out how to view the previously stickied threads?

I haven't. That was my first question too.

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Level 11

Thanks for new link Mokichu, bookmarked that for future reference.


Glad I'm not the only one that feels new versiomn sucks. Seriously 12 replies takes 3 bloody pages. Pretty sure that used to fit one page and thats even with a single comment longer than the 4/5 comments put together that this version displays.

New and improved should never = more work just to look nicer, subjective, cause this looks like a typical STUPID device interface to me. Not that I post here much but this change = I'm less likely to even bother reading the forums. Especially when I can't keep track of new posts from the main forums because it only shows creation dates.



Level 10

You can set the number of topics and replies in display options.

Level 12

For me is ok. What i will like is bigger font on the post and the important post pin 


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Level 9

Absolute disaster, and Mokichu is gone.  😡


@1100R  a écrit :

Absolute disaster, and Mokichu is gone.  😡


I'm not gone, I'm still here.