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New forum appearance worse than previous

Level 11

Anyone else thin the new lool is worse, information wise that is?


Can only see 5 threads per page and that only shows when it was created not when last comment was. Previously we could see 10+ thresds [er page and actually see when the last comment made in a thread was. Right now I can see threads shown as 1 week ago when ithe last comment was made today. I can't see most recent comment made  at x day/time without clicking to view a thread. Which results on me having to click and view threads to find out if there has been any new comments since I last checked.

Oh and Subscribing to threads has never worked for me. Not even in threads I've created so i gave up on that. Is this just me or is this the same behaviour for others? How do you all feel about the STUPID.....sorry, 'SMART' device style HUGE listings that requires more work and time, minimals as that may be, to interact with?

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Level 9

New design feels more like a comments section rather than a forum. I really can't get on with it and I suspect it will have a negative impact on community engagement. I do hope it becomes possible to select a more traditional forum theme.

Level 14

Is there a way to check for the old sticky threads somewhere? There are classic insightful threads on various topics that I can’t find anymore.

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Level 9
@Drayco31 wrote:

2. Not being able to edit a post. Don't feel editing should be denied from users whether level 0 or level 999. If you can't edit to add stuff or correct a comment you just end up a posting more comments...

I found the edit function in the drop-down menu which appears when you click the arrow at the top right corner in the message. I see that you have a higher forum rank than me, so I don't think this function is dependent on rank.

rog-forum edit.jpg


@Rooke wrote:

I've now got a signature.

If you don't mind telling, how did you manage that? I've looked in my profile settings extensively but without luck of finding it. My current signature was imported from the old forum and now I can't change it.

EDIT: Never mind, I was just upgraded to rank level 9 and then the signature field appeared in my settings😊

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I'm not sure, but I think I found the signature field in my settings when I reached level 8. 
But I'm glad you found yours.  Btw, like your signature. 😊

Have a Good One! 😎

Level 14

ive been here for years and now they have broken the forum, yay.

revert back to the old one where you realy COULD help ppl and not this mess where you have to digg to even find ppl who post things and ask for help.............

Level 9

I can't seem to find the sub-forums. This is terrible.

The tabs for all sections and sub-sections are at the very top of the home-page. It is not necessary to scroll through 2+ pages to find your section anymore.

On mobile it's a button at the top-left, click to expand. 

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Level 9

Where are all my subscriptions I'd built up over 10 years? Did you seriously just nuke them all with wanton abandon? I won't be back. 

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Level 14

Are we supposed to do anything about spam?  There doesn't seem to be any way to flag/report either the spammer user accounts or their posts.  Do we just ignore it and hope a moderator will spot it?

Most if not all of them should be taken care of. They were several accounts from the same source. If it's taking more than a couple of days, you may PM one of our moderators. Thanks.

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