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New forum appearance worse than previous

Level 11

Anyone else thin the new lool is worse, information wise that is?


Can only see 5 threads per page and that only shows when it was created not when last comment was. Previously we could see 10+ thresds [er page and actually see when the last comment made in a thread was. Right now I can see threads shown as 1 week ago when ithe last comment was made today. I can't see most recent comment made  at x day/time without clicking to view a thread. Which results on me having to click and view threads to find out if there has been any new comments since I last checked.

Oh and Subscribing to threads has never worked for me. Not even in threads I've created so i gave up on that. Is this just me or is this the same behaviour for others? How do you all feel about the STUPID.....sorry, 'SMART' device style HUGE listings that requires more work and time, minimals as that may be, to interact with?

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Level 11

1. Can we get the sub forums across the top again please. The new have to click on left is fine for mobile users but tablet and PC wise the across the top makes more sense.

2. Have the background colour for User Statisics and Your last notification info boxes flipped to a colour that matches the overall darker theme.

Do you not see all the sub-forums in your browser? Which one are you using? Tried zooming out?


Certain key elements on the page are highlighted in white for a reason, such as Start a conversation, Reply, Kudos.

Every icon, color, function, and their placement is planned, whether you and I agree with them or not, but based on research of popular behavior. The color scheme was also reviewed by our design team. Thanks for the feedback.

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Ok the sub forums are showing now, Hadn't noticed my kids had zoomed in at some point. Would have been fine had the browser not been snapped to the side. Scaling back to 100%. One of those mornings, sorry about that.


As for the white background I was referring to these. Do we really need User Statistics at the top all the time? Latest notification is reasonable to draw users attention but 2 big white boxes feels a bit much.

While I'm hereIs it just me or is the Red border for the Kudos thinner that the borders for Accept as Solution, Share, Reply, Cancel or is it just my eyes?

Level 9

This new forum is horrible. Who cares what it looks like, it's about functionality.

Which functions are missing from the previous forum?

FPS, Racing, and VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin