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New forum appearance worse than previous

Level 11

Anyone else thin the new lool is worse, information wise that is?


Can only see 5 threads per page and that only shows when it was created not when last comment was. Previously we could see 10+ thresds [er page and actually see when the last comment made in a thread was. Right now I can see threads shown as 1 week ago when ithe last comment was made today. I can't see most recent comment made  at x day/time without clicking to view a thread. Which results on me having to click and view threads to find out if there has been any new comments since I last checked.

Oh and Subscribing to threads has never worked for me. Not even in threads I've created so i gave up on that. Is this just me or is this the same behaviour for others? How do you all feel about the STUPID.....sorry, 'SMART' device style HUGE listings that requires more work and time, minimals as that may be, to interact with?

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May I ask in what way is the forum unfinished? Which features you need are missing compared to the old forum? 

To be clear, it is normal for software and website development to be deployed in  phases to meet deadlines. 

It was also made clear, tone and manner is the issue, not the criticisms. Being a member of a forum should be like being a member of your community, help and take care of each other. Nobody should walk down the street and tell strangers to go home to change because you dislike their new clothes.

For newcomers, welcome to a community where keyboard warriors will be removed.

FPS, Racing & VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

Ture I would  not tell a stranger to go home because I don't like there clothes. but if I walked into a tech center and they completely changed there floor layout and I could not find the help desk or where anything was. I probably would complain to the customer serive desk after I could find it that I disliked there new layout. 😁

The moderators here are not ROG employees nor customer service desk agents, please do not treat them as such. Thank you. 

FPS, Racing & VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

Okay noted , but this entire thread it seems is directed to the forums new change  and not to the moderators. You injected yourself when you started attacking the cristism with threats. So let's not do any misdirection here.  Rog forums as always been a place that atleast I used as a place to go to for tech help and information and no where was I attacking the community or the moderators. I am going to stop here. I have said what I needed to say about the new forum layout and If you took this as an attack against you I am sorry if it came off that way.

This thread was clearly created as criticism which was permitted instead of being removed. To whom the comments were directed at is open to interpretation, but without intervention it was becoming hostile and false information were being posted. It is understandable some people don't like change, but this forum was not launched 'half-baked' or 'incomplete'. If there is a request, please do so in a civil manner, and without misinforming new visitors. 

- Admin

FPS, Racing & VR Gamer / Tech Enthusiast / ROG Admin

I think I missed the first part of your post about what feels missing or unfinished. From my perspective it is as follows;

Not knowing which posts are new when you visit a thread as it does not say which are new and it does not take you to the first unread post if it is a thread you have been to before, I have seen nothing in the preferences that allows me to switch this on. I also think this forum also seems to be missing the option to list all threads that have had new posts since your last visit. From what I can make out I need to search individual sections of the forum to see what new posts are there rather than having a single landing page that has all new posts. I thought there was one but it does not seem to capture all new posts from each section. I also don't think it is needed to have the original post of a thread at the beginning of each page of that thread, it creates a lot of extra scrolling not really needed. I also agree about not needing to know when the thread was created in recent posts but rather have when the last post was made. I hope these are things that can be reviewed for better usability. 

Level 10

I don't like the new format at all.  The old format was much easier to navigate and find what I am interested in.

Have a Good One! 😎

Level 11

Yeah, I will leave my criticism where it lies as well, I don't feel like I need to say any further on the topic. 

Level 11

 I have no problems, still able to solve some problems and contribute advice to others.

Anyway, there I was: What the …., What the …., What the …. is this?

Like a deer in a head light while cursing at 90 mph.


Level 11

To begin let me make it clear I was not and am attacking anyone, no Moderators, Admins nor Developers. My comments became rather blunt and definitely could have been worded better. I apologised for that and while no excuse I did point out I’ve been in hospital for some time and that plus a lack of sleep and medications left me rather cranky. Since meds have been reduced, 16 less pills per day and sleeping much better now at home my heads a lot clearer.

That said I’d like to improve this thread to include an easy way to make suggestions for improvements along with describe what things are annoying you. Preferably with headings separating suggestions and complaints, as I’ve down below. I’ve looked over every page and pulled some suggestions and complaints into 1 single place. Don’t think I’ve changed anyone else’s wording for complains but I may have for suggestions to make them clearer, hopefully.

Would have preferred to Edit the thread topic but editing seems to have been revoked/disabled. Had I not seen that MoKiChU could no longer edit I would have thought it was just me from my grumpiness earlier. As I can’t edit, I’ll condense everything into this comment. Will add to Topic in the future if possible…..though would prefer it if topic didn’t display in full on every page, maybe just show title + 1-2 lines on pages 2+, so I may not end up editting topic even if I can.


  1. MoKiChU threads get fixed then break again
  2. Not being able to edit a post. Don't feel editing should be denied from users whether level 0 or level 999. If you can't edit to add stuff or correct a comment you just end up a posting more comments...
  3. Not being able to delete a post/reply
  4. Also, there doesn't seem to be any way to report a post?  That seems like a very strange omission.
  5. From the forum/sub forum page the thread creation date isn't really important. Pretty sure most if not all would prefer to see the latest post date/time without actually being required to click and load a thread to see if there is something new.
  6. When viewing a previously viewed thread please jump to the first unread post.
  7. Can we get page numbers at the top please? If clicking a thread took you to latest unread comment pages not required, as much, but right now you have to click a thread are required to change page and that means scrolling to the bottom everytime.
  8. Can you detect screen size have it automatically adjust layout?  Or give users the ability to tweak how this is displayed? For example,
    1. Fill the screen, not take up the middle but fill it so sentence/s go the full width of the screen instead of 60% being background image.
    2. Reduce space between comment
  9. Change line spacing, for all or individually. Seems an awful lot of wasted space between lines

Quoting suggestions specifically

If forum designed/aimed for mobile users a reply + click speech mark isn't a very intuitive way to quote. On PC we get a tooltip if hovering over the ", after replying, but on mobile you can't hover which means you'd need to click things to learn what they'd do.

  1. Can we just get a quote button for both Mobile or PC based? So much easier than clicking Reply and then clicking quote, which isn't exactly obvious to new users
  2. Can we quote multiple users in a single comment.
  3. Can you make the quote more obvious than the White line to the left. Goes for visibility as a reader but also as the quoter. Seen quite a few quotes and the comment is inside the quote meaning we have to figure out what part of the comment is the quote and what part is the reply.
  4. Can you maybe indent replies and/o quotes so they stand out from those replying to the overall topic or do something else so they stand out more.


Complaints I didn’t want to change

The activity list on the front page just doesn't seem like a good replacement for the old search which gave you a dense list of today's posts.  The information density there is quite poor, with lots of blank space and space wasted on showing the text from the first post of each topic.  The old vBulletin search and indices crammed in far more information per screen, allowing much faster review of what's changed since the last time you looked.

The overview is completely gone, it feels like a waste of time finding something what was a click away before. Maybe, this is progress for mobile users, it's a major drawback for pc users.

Where are the sticky threads? Harder to find stuff now.