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New forum appearance worse than previous

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Anyone else thin the new lool is worse, information wise that is?


Can only see 5 threads per page and that only shows when it was created not when last comment was. Previously we could see 10+ thresds [er page and actually see when the last comment made in a thread was. Right now I can see threads shown as 1 week ago when ithe last comment was made today. I can't see most recent comment made  at x day/time without clicking to view a thread. Which results on me having to click and view threads to find out if there has been any new comments since I last checked.

Oh and Subscribing to threads has never worked for me. Not even in threads I've created so i gave up on that. Is this just me or is this the same behaviour for others? How do you all feel about the STUPID.....sorry, 'SMART' device style HUGE listings that requires more work and time, minimals as that may be, to interact with?

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It is unfortunate that now there is no option "new messages since your last visit." Return it.)))

Level 9

The Asus forum is ruined with this new change. Now on level with Dell's forum, if not worse. All changes is useless. And you need more time to find what you looking for. This was a bad move. Nothing more to say about this. Hope they change back to how it was.

This new forum was meant to roll out late last year but was delayed and reverted access back to the original one. I would hate to see what it was like 3 and a half months ago if it had released then as it is very poor now. This is the problem when an organisation decides themselves what is better for their users rather than giving their users input into it or the ability to be a part of the testing process like with beta users. Maybe they just want it to be difficult for the end user to use. 

Going by MasterC in 2nd post of page 3 part of the redesign was to improve functionallity when using STUPID devices. Thus PC users, the ones that buy Asus PC Hardware, appear to be taking a backseat over the mobile crowd. If I wanted to have fingerprints all over my screen I'd by a touchscreen and wouldn't waste money on a phone/tablet that comes with a stylus

Community Admin
Community Admin

Guys, just give the new search and filters functions a try, it's much easier to find any post, user, or message you want. 

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It's not just about searches and filters. Can't I just view topic names and not see the original post with it?  Can I I view the latest posted responses to  topic without it taking g me back to the very first original post every ti.e? Can I see which are new posts in a topic by it havi g a "new" marking on them? Can I edit my spelling mistakes? Why shof I need. A certain level user rating for that? 

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Why can we not quote? Would love the abilty to quote more than one person so I don't need to make multiple comments within a few minutes.....feel like I'm spamming.

Oh and when we reply to someone make it CLEAR. Indent it or something. Tiny inresponse to x is pathetic when the rest of the forum is HUGE!

Level 11

How do I tell which topics have had new posts on them since I last visited? In the old forum the topics in bold one had new posts so I instantly knew which to look at 

Level 19

Hi everyone,

I understand that you are confused by the new forum platform, but try to make an effort to adapt with what is currently possible with the current features of the new forum platform, and if some adjustments are necessary, give them time to make them according to the extent of the possibilities of the new forum platform.

- To my knowledge, it is not possible for now to multi-quote, but you can quote in your answer to a post which you are replying by clicking on the quote button :

2023-03-24 084801.png

 - Remember to configure your language and your time zone here :

- You can configure the number of threads visible on the home page here :

- You can configure the number of posts visible per thread page and the posts order (oldest first/newest first) here :

- Here is the best way to follow my threads (or any other threads) :

1) Open in a new tab all the interesting and useful threads for your products from my index thread.
2) Subscribe to all open threads in a new tab via Options > Subscribe (top right of the first post of the thread).
3) Keep you informed of all subscribed thread activity via your Subscriptions

- Also, remember to refer to the help here :



@MoKiChU wrote:

- To my knowledge, it is not possible for now to multi-quote, but you can quote in your answer to a post which you are replying by clicking on the quote button :

2023-03-24 084801.png


Thanks for this, Really didn't look here. Seems rather counter-intuitive to me. A simple Quote button along with the 'Accept as Solution', 'Share' & 'Reply' buttons would make more sense. Especiially when this is supposed to be more Stupid/Smart device friendly. Burying the quote into a small bar at the top after you begin to Reply doesn't make much sense, to me. I'm not looking to modify the text, attach files and other stuff that you'd normally see with the bar you showed. Looks more like they just slapped the quote there in the bar without thinking.Not like a mobile viewer can see what each of the icon/buttons do by hovering over them like you could with a mouse. They'd need to physically press them to find out what the speechmarks actually does.

Another thing I think is worth mentioning is the lack of page numbers at the top. Since there is no way to select a thread and go to the latest replies it would be nice to have the page numbers also at the top so we don't have to select the thread then scrolltothe bottom to change to the most recent replies. Minimal as it is thats more work which to me is the opposite of an improvement.