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New Case (Fractal Design Define S2) Airflow improvment, Suggestions

Level 7
Hey Guys,

recently got my new Case it offers alot of mounting areas for Fans and Radiators.
Bottom Fans a quiet new to me , in my old Case i couldnt mount any.
Now i know they should be setup as Intake but which components will benefit from it and also how am i going to balance Airflow and Pressure?

Ill let you Guys know what ive setup so far.

On the Front i have 2 120mm intake fans, Only 2 for the looks cause i dont wanna take off that Plate that covers the botom fans, i guess if you get a 360 Radiator you are supposed to take it off.

Well lets continue ..

on bottom i have 2 intake fans 120mm

Rear 1 Exhaust Fan

Top 1 Exhaust Fan next to the Rear Fan

and also on Top the Corsair h100iv2 as Exhaust.

all Fans are set to 700 RPM at the Moment except for the H100iv2 running at 1400RPM.

Ambient Temperature 23C
Load Temperatures are 65C on CPU @ 5Ghz, Liquid Temp, 37-40C. GPU 65-67C, Motherboard between 36-40C (is that too hot? )

2 things i wanna add, i use to have the Radiator as intake but my HDDs suffered from it and spiked up till 47C, also my GPU went past 70C, thats why i now have radiator as exhaust.

Whenever i remove the Front Panel of the Define S2 i drop around up to 10C on the Motherboard, is this a sign of not having enough exhaust?

Feel free to help me out guys,could need some suggestions to maybe improve Temperatures cause 40 C on the motherboard seems quiet high i think.