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New build pc, screen wont display and nor will my mouse/keyboard leds light up

Level 7
Motherboard: Asus Maximus viii hero alpha
RAM: 2x 8gb ddr2400 g.skill Trident z
CPU: i7 7700k
Cooler: Nzxt kraken x62 Rev 2
GPU: Msi Geforce GTX 1050 Gaming X
OS: Windows 10
Power supply: Corsair - CXM 650 W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX

This is my first time building my own pc. After completion of build i powered on my pc with anticipation of being greeted by a screen of bios... but nothing. i checked over every component to check they where correctly connected and such but to my surprise nothing was wrong. All RGB lighting within the case and fans where running. I tried using bios flashback and successfully updated my bios to latest version to be compatible with my CPU but still no luck with a display on my monitor. Then i read somewhere that taking out my graphics card and also only using one stick of ram should work; tried it and as a result nothing happened except random error Q-codes. I took out the CMOS battery a few times and re updated the bios again, but still nothing displaying on my monitor. Then finally earlier after working through many Q-codes i became stumped on 0F which means nothing to me so i searched it and now im not sure as to what to do.
Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated, thanks.