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New Asus TUF Gaming 504GM Hard Freezing

Level 7
Received the laptop back from service centre, where I asked them to Fix for Event viewer error; Event ID 13, ACPI error and Event ID 37, Speed Of Processor X in Group 0 is being limited by System Firmware. They changed the whole motherboard for me and when i got back those errors are still there...and they told me it's safe to ignore it.

So I tried gaming with it but noticed everytime it Hard Freeze when i'm playing games like Path of Exile, Dota 2. The image on the screen was stuck as the last frame, mouse and keyboard no response, pressing caps lock doesn't lit the "caps lock light" either. The icon HDD light on the laptop is OFF, battery light on, power indicator light (light bulb icon) on. But for some weird reason the airplane mode light is ON. The fan is still spinning on Overboost though, but there's no sound at all. All I could do is to long-press the power button to hard restart it (Did try to wait for 30mins+ but still the same...).

And it produces a Event ID 41, Kernel-Power critical error everytime i did that (Did check ahead of time before the Kernel-Power error occurred to see what happened just before that, but there wasn't any log file in the event viewer before that). Tried all sorts of methods, mem test, chkdsk, sfc/scannow, windows troubleshooting, changing advanced power plan to max performance and turn off Hard disk sleep etc, updated bios, drivers but still cant fix it. Searched for ways online to generate an error log or something similar but seems that It only works if it's BSOD and you will get a dump file after that. For Hard Hang or Hard Freeze, apart from the useless Kernel-Power critical error, there's no way to pinpoint the source of the Freeze?

The hard freeze occurred randomly, ranging from 5mins after gaming and to 3hrs. I'd noticed that when i changed to intel graphic card to play say dota 2, it goes on 4hrs+ without freeze or hang (Is it because intel graphic card does not use as much power compared to Nvidia ones?). But the cases where it had hard freeze, all of them were when i'm using my Nvidia GPU to play games. The temperature of the nvidia GPU when the laptop freeze was around 70-80++ degrees C. CPU around 60-70++ degrees C. I'm totally baffled as why this happened because if the system overheats, wouldn't it be like auto restart? instead of Hard Hang? And also after the Hard Hang, the airplane mode light is lit, this totally weirds me out.

New laptop 2weeks+ old, sent to service centre for 5 days for a motherboard replacement. Did not Overclock or undervolt or stuffs. It couldn't be overheating issues right?

Programs that were on during gaming when then Hard Hang occurred, aside from Bitdefender and MBAM were:
6 Tabs of google chrome, speedfan, and of course STEAM.

Asus TUF Gaming FX504GM
i7-8750H 2.20Ghz
GTX 1060 6GB

Level 7
Went back to the retail shop and they said cant replace a new unit for me unless within 2 days problems are spotted. Called ASUS and they told me it's impossible to have it replaced because there's no such thing as replacement procedure. And I'll have to live with it or send it to the service centre in a neverending servicing loop.

So currently, it's again in the service centre and again waiting for spare parts to arrive. A newly bought, less than 1 month old laptop that spent 99% of the time lying in the service centre with parts non-stop being replaced. Really? I would have no chance at all to get a new replacement? Even though the problem cant be fixed? Or the technicians are just incompetent? Nothing is more painful that buying a new laptop that's problematic from the get-go and unable to use it at all. Moreover, ineligible for replacement even if there's problem and after receiving it back from the service centre. It's this how ASUS is treating their customer now, and the way they handle things? I'm utterly disappointed. Guessed i'm stuck with this forever.

ASUS will try multiple times to repair a machine and will only replace it if ASUS feels it is unable to repair it. This is standard for laptop warranties from many companies. They all say something like 'the manufacturer will repair or replace at the manufacturer's discretion.' So there is a chance they may replace it but it would be extremely rare; usually because a needed part is no longer available or because local laws require it.
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Level 10
Need a better place to shop locally
Micro center has one of the best return policies around 30 days no questions asked return or replace
One can also purchase a 1-2-3 year instore warranty too after 30 days it's mostly store credit or another model.... but still better than most offer.

I'd talk to your credit card company if used.

Seeing it's a laptop yeah over heating is likely 80c is getting pretty high for one
If you don't know the TJ max 100c..... no telling what it is on a laptop a desktop 8700k is near 100-105c I believe
I'd guess a laptop would be much lower seeing the cooling is far limited.

Level 7
New laptop that stayed in the service centre and it's already a month since bought. Told me was software issues, and now told me was ram issue. Couldn't even pinpoint the problem but still trying to fix a NEW laptop (that i don't even get a chance to using it) that underwent motherboard replacement before this. Well..Asus is really a disappointment..Sigh.

Im not here to defend ASUS because any decent service center under their banner should have pinpointed your issue through thorough testing on its first visit.

HOWEVER..... as a laptop unit is not subject to the same repair status' as an enthusiast board, the service centers effectively just swap out parts.

They don't do board level repairs such as caps, resistors etc or even any type of soldering. They simply isolate a faulty component and replace it. Any faulty parts are then sent off to another repair center to be refurbished and used for future repairs.
Every repair center has a diagnostics evaluation they utilize on every machine, and on its first visit it obviously found something amiss with the main board and so hence it was changed.

If they have indeed now found something wrong with the RAM, then it may have not shown itself in original testing which can be quite common. I lose track of times people on here run multiple memtests on here and their RAM modules all pass, only for the fault to be eradicated with a different RAM module being used.
Also remember the RAM isn't from ASUS... its from a company such as Micron, samsung or Hynix... so again a failure rate is to be expected.

Unfortunately you are just unlucky and fall in the spectrum of someone receiving a unit that isn't necessarily DOA, but certainly experiencing issues out of the box.. it happens.

As regards your warranty, you'll find exactly the same warranty from every manufacturer and they are simply an extension to your rights with the retailer from whom you purchased the unit. There are laws in certain countries, provinces etc to protect you from this kind of thing however if you live in a place where consumer rights / retailer return periods etc arent a thing, then you're better off championing for that to change, than to moan about industry standard warranties that will never be changed.