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NEVER AGAIN ASUS.....Advance RMA circus!!!

Level 7
If your Asus product breaks, buy a new one, do not RMA it! So the onboard video on my P8H61-m LE/CSM board died. After troubleshooting it extensively, I decided to try and RMA it on Tuesday Dec 3rd. They approved it and said 24-48 hours for a stock check, to be sure they had the same model for replacement. The next day, Dec 4th, the stock check was approved and I was emailed instructions and a 2 page credit form to fax. The instruction email stated to fax in the 2 page credit form with shipping address. The form would be processed within 48 hours and a $105 credit hold would be placed on my card. Then at that point they would ship the replacement board. Once i received the replacement board I am to ship my defective board. Once they receive my defective board the $105 credit hold would be released. After 14 days they assume you are keeping both boards and keep your money. So, that same day I faxed in the forms with shipping and credit card info for the $105 hold. 48 hours went by and still no confirmation. I contacted live chat support several times and was only told "be patient it's processing" I even emailed (2 times) the address listed as a contact in the instruction email and never received a response. Tuesday December 10th I get a phone number from a live chat rep. I call and the helpful girl says they never received my fax. But i know they did because my fax machine confirmed it. She then contacts the processing department through instant message, and the woman says she is processing it at that moment. So they had it for a week before they processed it. It took a week and a phone call before they even processed it. So much for 48 hours. Wednesday December 11th I see the $105 credit hold is applied but no email or tracking is sent. At this point I call back and ask to talk to supervisor. He gets my story. I should have had the replacement board already by the time they processed it. He assures me it will ship Friday December 13th and says he will try and get 2 day air. Dec 12th i get my tracking number. They messed up my zip code by 1 number and only standard shipping. The board is shipping to California, I live in Pennsylvania. So, I now have $105 dollars on credit hold, for a $40 dollar board, that failed through no fault of mine, that is being shipped to the other side of the country, a week later it was supposed to. So I call again and speak to a rep, who says he will try and correct it, and will have the same supervisor call me back as soon as he is off a call. Well after an hour without a call, I decide to call again. I do speak with another supervisor who says the shipping info was corrected and he "thinks" the board is still in house and he can "try" for 2 day air again. I would have told them never mind, but the $105 is still on hold. At this point I just have to wait till fed-ex starts moving it and see which way it goes and hope it travels east instead of west and that I have it before Christmas. Even if they did correct the zip, by the time I receive it, (if I receive it) it will be well past 2 weeks since I first faxed in my forms. A standard RMA is quoted at 2 weeks, I am not even going to receive my Advance RMA replacement board for 2 weeks. And on top of that, If they dont receive my bad board within 14 days of the replacement board being shipped, they keep the $105. Never again Asus. I will not take that chance. I am currently shopping for a windows tablet. Last week Asus was an option to buy. Never again!

Level 18
The Nexus, imho, is the best on the market. I have had the first version for two years of family abuse, just updated to Android 4.4. Flawless.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Best of Luck. .c.

Level 7
Nexus is on the list. I would like the full function of a PC in a tablet. To be honest, I want to be able to access my NAS and run utorrent and even remote desktop into my desktop. I would also like to be able to download anything I could on PC and do all the same things, even if it involves plugging in a mouse. But I also do not want to spend more than $500. I think windows 8 can provide that but im not sure and I have some research to do. Any advice is helpful, it will get my mind off of Asus! lol

Level 18
Well brother, the Nexus is an Asus Tablet .. the Best in the World .. but an Android.

For what you want to do you need Windows.
This isn't Win8 or Asus~sigh~ but a pretty sweet deal from newegg.

This is Win8 .. Leveno.

I still wish you would give Support the benefit of the doubt .. hey who couldn't
make a simple mistake like that .. I laughed when you said 'once it starts moving
you would see if it went east or west' lol .. too funny. [unless it happened to you, and it did.]
I'd give them time to make it right .. I can tell you .. they usually do. [minus the wasted time.]
That said.

All the luck in the World friend .. next time you think about building a desktop though ..
Please don't be a blocked thinker .. step up to ROG. 'We' promise to treat ya right. .c.

Level 40
You can give cl-albert a pm and ask him to look into why you are being messed around.
To help us help you - please provide as much information about your system and the problem as possible.

Level 18

Level 7
Well Asus got me the working board Friday the 13th. All is well again. Even though it was fed ex ground, I was within the 1 day delivery zone. In the end they made it right. I will shipping out the defective board Monday. My mistake was relying on the contact email provided in the rma email(, and live chat reps. Once I made a phone call things got done. In retrospect, even though it was a week later than it should of, the 3 year warranty is probably better than most other companies. And oh yea, I bought an Asus tranformer t100 can't wait till it arrives!

Level 10
Asus quality control has something to be desired it's not the greatest and they certainly like to cut corners on quality where they shouldn't be either.

Asus needs to start putting a little more quailty into their products and doing better RMA service. I've seen quite a few problems myself...

Level 18
griinder .. Great News. Keep us posted on your thoughts about the Transformer .. sweet piece.
These are the outcomes 'we' have become accustom to. Congrats.

SlackROG .. The World Records say they do and RMA's get better everyday. They sure nuff
didn't cut no corners on the Rampage IV Black ... have you seen that 'bad boy' do it's thing ???

Best to All. .c.