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Need to access (remotely or not) to my computer

Level 7
Hi guys,

I need help to see what's on the screen (remotely or not) on my "crashed" PC.

The situation is the following :

My PC partially crashed and I need to save unsaved data. It's like a crash but my computer it still accessible from the network (LAN and Internet).
At this very moment, I have no signal on my displays and all my USB ports seem to be not working anymore.

The LEDs of My RGB keyboards went off a few minutes after this kind of crash occurs.
Other USB devices like camera, USB sticks had still the built-in LED on.
I tried to unplug and plug again these devices but it was like if there is no more power through the USB ports (devices LED didn't lit anymore).
I also tried to turn off and on again my monitors. Before I did that there was still a signal, but the image was frozen.
After I turned on the displays, I just got the message "No signal".

Since yesterday, I try to access my computer to save the data, but to no avail.

I have tried the following :

- Connect a PS/2 keyboard to try to use it blindy.
- Plug/Unplug USB devices and monitors (DP) to see if something happens.
- Access remotly via TeamViewer (not sure if this guy is running on the PC and don't know the ID) and via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP is unfortunately deactivated in the System Properties).
- Using Command Prompt and Windows PowerShell to access remotely to my computer.

The PC is currently connected in Ethernet (RJ-45) and it seems that is the only external connector who still work on the motherboard.

I can "ping" my PC, see it on the network and access to the shared library via the Windows Media Player.

I know the name and IP of the computer.

Does anyone know how can I access my computer remotely or not ? Don't want to press the "RESET" button and lose my unsaved data.

When I tried CMD and PowerShell, I mainly used PsExec tool to try to enable RDP remotely or execute programs on the "crashed" machine (like TeamViewer) but still get the error "Couldn't access , access denied".

PsExec is avaiable here :

Maybe someone could give me a tip with TeamViewer, RDP, PsExec or anything else to help me connect remotely to my computer.

System configuration :

Windows 10 Professional 64 bits
PSU Platimax Enermax EPF1200EWT (1200W)
Intel® Core™ i7-5960X Processor Extreme Edition
HyperX Savage 3000MHz (64 GB)
2x ASUS ROG STRIX GeForce® GTX 1080 TI 11GB OC Edition with SLI (with ASUS ROG-SLI-HB-BRIDGE)

If you need more information or have questions about my topic, just ask me.

Thank you for your help.