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Need Help with unsolved Error

Level 7
Hello everyone,
lately im stuck on an annoying issue with my PC .
i had a crash and after that i get q code error 99 - according to Asus mainboard book/guide and web search it ''Super IO Initialization''.. also Asus support confirm that.
anyway i checked my connections and all seems in the place.
also read something about stuck keyboard+mouse USB missing on boot. after i tired to plug them as they post said and check the code it changed to b4.
also removed graphic card and leave 1 DDR slot on and cleared Cmos and tried to Flashback the Bios... im out of ideas...
before i dismantle my PC naked and check it more i thought maybe someone with more hardware experience will light me up with the missing link to solve this.
#After i connected Asus support who told me to flashback the Bios 1 of my CPU cooler fans stopped working and now i also have 1 longer beep and 5 short beeps. Grrrrr ...:p
Thank a lot for the time and help