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Need help underclocking CPU.

Level 7
Hello everyone, I've been looking around but didn't find anything with some images that show how to actually underclock a CPU with the ROG BIOS layout.

I've recently got a new mobo and a CPU, but my water cooler's I/O pump didn't have an AM4 brace, so I'm waiting for a few days until it arrives. Meanwhile, I'm using a puny Ryzen Gen 1 stock air cooler, and the new CPU seems eager to burn itself to a crisp while idle, flexing it's clock speeds.

It's current speed is 3800MHz and I need to tune it down somewhat (maybe to 3000MHz? I'm not going to rely on it until the brace arrives anyways).

Can anyone point a dumb fool where do I set this speed (I can only see the RAM speeds) and what is a good voltage for it?

I appreciate immensely.

Level 7
If you're using Windows 10, you can create a power plan with lower CPU performance, which will reduce you're max clock speed. I did that with a laptop which needed the heatsinks cleaned out until I could be bothered to do so, and it reduced the temp by quite a bit. It's also easy to revert back to the original power plan, without going into the BIOS.

Have a look at the Power Options control panel.