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My wallpaper can remain on your website?

Level 7
Even if my wallpaper didn't win on 4K competition i've seen that is really appreciated on the web (i've found photos of rigs with my wallpaper and comments about that).

I will be onored if it could remain online on ROG site, even if i didn't won anything.

The wallpaper is this:

I've founded it casually on Facebook used in a photo of kit*uru about an user gaming rig, i made some reaserch for it and i've founded that it was really appreciated.

Thank you and sorry for my bad english.

Level 15
Many thanks!

Yes we plan to make a gallery soon so everyone can enjoy the hard work! 🙂

Level 7
who won the K-UHD-Wallpaper-Competition anyways?

_Ty85_ wrote:
who won the K-UHD-Wallpaper-Competition anyways?

Nico J
And don't forget, Keep pushing it !