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My ROG enjoyed a glass of bordeaux -- help!

Level 7
The Bordeaux fell right into the center of the keyboard. I shut it off, held it by the edge and a lot of wine poured out on the floor. I removed the battery and it has been sitting powerless since then.

So are these the keyboards that seal off the keys from the motherboard (I think I have a G75J) or do I need to worry about the motherboard having better wine than me now.

Well, it's not waterproof. So even though you have a membrane keyboard which may have caught most of the spill I would give it plenty of time to dry out before powering up. If it won't power up or acts strangely after a day of drying then I hope you have accidental damage coverage.
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Level 7
If the wine gets onto the motherboard then even if you leave it to dry you may find that the motherboard is already damaged. You have to remember that wine is naturally acidic already in nature so it will have a worse affect on the motherboard than just tap water.

You can try the old trick of using some form of desiccant (such as silica gel or the other old favourite - rice) to try and speed up the removal of any liquid trapped inside.

I work for a local computer retailer so we see this quite often, however wine isn't the worst liquid spills we've had to contend with, urine can do some real nasty damage to your laptop - and is a not much fun to clean out!