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Moving Maximus VII to another box, no LAN/Internet connection?

Level 11
As stated I upgraded my primary box to a M-XI (everything on that works perfectly). Moved the VII to my secondary box and it seems to have a problem finding the network and internet? Was all working on another MB prior to the swap? Originally thought the addition of a nvme daughter board was the culprit as the system still has Win-7 on it, and I found Win-7 has no nvme support, so I removed the board with no joy. I do plan to upgrade the system to Win-10 but there wasn't enough room on C:\ and I wanted to migrate to the nvme as part of the process. I might add I have cleared the BIOS to defaults, tried optimized defaults and loaded several of my saved BIOS settings I have used but still no joy? FYI: LAN Port-Orange blinking, Green is on.

Also as I started looking for updated drivers I found a BIOS beta 3503 somewhere but not on the ASUS site (2902 latest)? Additionally I thought I would look for updated LAN etc drivers but I get nothing from the ASUS download center for drivers for a VII?

What I am I doing wrong?

Rick S.