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Mobo SDK for fan control

Level 7
This may be a long-shot here, but.... does ASUS have an SDK for reading fan speed and temperature headers, and also controlling PWM fan headers?

Hear me out...

Sure, the default control scheme is functional for a very simplistic air-cooled system. As soon as a user installs a waterblock on a GPU, things get more complicated, and the default, dummy "temperature-fan speed" control curve is absolute garbage. This is exactly why SpeedFan exists.... but SpeedFan is buggy as all getout. Getting some actual support for reading headers and temperatures, and controlling fan headers would be MARELLOUS. Because I know nobody at ASUS is going to waste the time to service water-cooling enthusiasts properly.

I would like to write custom software for a much better control scheme:
1) Without custom software, I cannot properly control the speed of the water pump to deal with a CPU and GPU on the same loop. For example, the default scheme is fine for running multithreaded computation of my CPU, since the water speed will scale with cpu temperature. But what if I leverage the GPU and use its CUDA cores to compute? The system looks at CPU temperature (which is more or less idling) to control the pump speed, while my GPU might be hitting 70C. The temperature should be controlled by CPU OR GPU, whichever is hotter. It is currently impossible to do this properly since there is no ASUS SDK support and ASUS has released no software more complicated than the basic CPUtemp-speed curve
2) If I run dual loops, the pump speed on a completely separate loop (GPU for example) is dependent upon a completely irrelevant control (CPU temperature).
3) I have a crosshair hero Viii with water temperature sensor pins. This is currently USELESS. Sure, I can see what my input and output temperature is, but it doesn't CONTROL anything. Ideally, the temperature of the water should dictate the speed of the radiator fans. Temperature of the cpu is completely irrelevant as far as heatQ being pulled out of the radiator. All it does is create unnecessary noise. Rad fans should be controlled by water temp. Even better would be calculating and calibrating a delQ for the specific radiator, so a delQ on the radiator can match a delQ in the water between input/output water temp sensors

What are the chances of ASUS releasing something... anything... that will allow a developer to create a better control scheme for reading temperatures and controlling PWM fan headers? Are we talking absolute zero? Because as a self-described "enthusiast" brand, ROG appears to be falling short.