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minecraft scared the crap out of me funny

Level 9
Omg was playing minrcraf on my crosshair as its first time I have played it with sound. Ok I built my home under ground had all glass windows could see the out side was amazing. Ok I was mining cobble stone within my really cool home. I dig out a wall and there was like twenty odd cteapers they all exploded at once the sound from my speakers was so lound it made me jump could hear all the glass roof smash all my house fell in then within seconds after more creepers came and boom after boom after boom they have made one crazy deep hole killed my house what took 4 hours to make as it had doors bed room extra even a green house. 😞 omg minrcraft is so scary it should be a 18 game.
motherboard ASUS Crosshair V Formula
PSU Fractal Design Newton R2 1000W
MemoryRipjaws 16 GB
CaseArmor Mx
CPUAMD Bulldozer FX-8120 8 Core 3.10GHz

Clocked to 4.5GHz

Im a girl 🙂 so be nice as i bite