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Microsoft tech support scammers face $5.1 million fine

Level 12
Hi All Here is some information that needs serious attention


Following a Federal Trade Commission complaint, the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York ordered 28 tech-support scammers and their associated companies – mostly based in India -- to pay more than $5.1 million in fines. The default judgement also permanently bans the scammers from marketing security-related tech support in the United States.


Carey Holzman made a video........Scamming the Scammers - How to Handle Fake Tech Support Calls

The video is 90 minutes long and you can see how these people operate first hand


Quote from Carey Holzmans youtube channel
Remember, if ANYONE ever calls you unexpectedly, do NOT give them remote control of your computer! Tell them they should be ashamed of themselves and then hang up the phone - do not wait for them to respond. If they call back, tell them they'll need to call someone dumber than you and, again without waiting for a response, hang up on them.

You can and should remote any fake support calls you receive immediately to the FTC. The Federal Trade Commission accepts complaints by phone, 1-877-382-4357, and online:
End of quote

Please be very careful and be fore warned

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Good Heads Up 01 Wolverine, Especially for the unsuspecting.

Ive had two of these calls in the last twelve months, claiming to be Microsoft techoes and they are insistent, clever and devious characters. One claimed I had a Virus on my system and it would shut my system down in less than one hour, unless He was allowed to fix it for me.

I played along to see what he was up to. First he asked me to check my system log files for errors and warnings, Well we all get them from time to time, no bigee.

He then asked me to open a command prompt and tried to get me to key in a list of executables. I new it was a scam, cause Microsoft don't contact no one to fix OS problems of this nature.

If they can get you to do their bidding, they can lock your system, with monetary demands to put things right and unlock your OS.

I told him he had picked on the wrong guy, and gave him S**T for his troubles. He became quite indignant realizing I had wasted 1hr of his time but it was amusing.

Im glad they finally got them, cause its been going on in Australia now for a couple of years.

Welcome to the Jaipur College of Knowledge.

HeHe, I just watched the Vid, brilliant, long but entertaining, Steve Wilson, a name to remember!!!
We owe our existence to the scum of the earth, Cyanobacteria

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Thanks for sharing you personal experiences with these scammers

Level 10
Yeah, once received a call, the voice sounded like someone from that part of the world. He said someone is copying all my computer files. And before I could say something, he said I must seat in from of my computer, he will show me. Well, I told him I don't have a pc and he must F**** Off.

Level 12
LOL we've been getting a new round of calls from these guys. So much fun to mess with them. I've used everything from "sorry all my computers run Linux (not really), nice try and good luck next time " to "Thanks for violating the national do not call list, now I'm going to track you down and sue you into the ground for harassment". Going to have to watch that video above and see if I can pick up some new tricks.