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Memory or motherboard issues?

Level 7
I have a Maximus V Formula motherboard, 3770K cpu, 980TI gfx card, and 16 GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM.

I have been running stable for years, and I had a Windows 10 update the other day. But after it did its preloading, it did not reset, just shutdown. I tried resetting and powering on and off a few times, then I noticed it was showing a qcode 32. I put a single DIMM in the A2 slot, then things started getting weird. It started cycling in an endless loop: qcode 14, 15, 20, 36, and If I let it go for a minute, would add 03. The CPU and RAM LEDs would cycle back and forth. If I try to boot without RAM, I get qcode 55. I gutted my whole system, did a thorough cleaning, cleared the CMOS including removing the battery for the duration of the cleaning. Put it back together and get the endless cycling of qcodes. I have been running stable with this setup for years, so I find it hard to believe that all 4 DIMMs failed randomly and at the same time.

Level 14
bios can get corrupt at times ( have happened to me too ) with out enny warning or explination.
its just how thigs goes.

Level 9
I may be wrong on this one but I would assume that if BIOS gets corrupted then it's due to physical failure and flashing it would result in same memory corruption?

...and I had a Windows 10 update the other day

IIRC Windows now can update BIOS via Windows Update 😄
What a wonderful world we live in, world where we can't control updates or what they do to our hw.