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Maximus XII Formula OLED Display and Intel 2.5G Issues

Level 7
Hi, just bought a Maximus XII Formula Z490 as part of my new build. I am running the latest version of Windows 10 and have all the latest drivers, armoury crate, etc. I’m running BIOS 0707. I’m having the following issues:

1. OLED Display flickers every 3-5 seconds always. By flicker it basically shuts off very briefly and is pretty noticeable.
2. The Intel LAN is running the latest drivers and shows a link speed of 1gbps. I have 1gbps fiber internet and on speed tests I consistently get 100 mbps download and 850+ mbps upload. On the Marvell controller I get symmetric 860mbps down and uploads.
3. Realtek audio manager app disappeared when I reinstalled drivers as I was having audio issues.

Any help would be tremendously appreciated. Thank you!*