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Maximus VII Formula only turns on after CMOS clear

Level 7
Hi guys,

New at this forum but not new ROG User. I have this motherboard (Maximus VII Formula) which I bought in 2014. It works fine, but I am having a kind of a problem at the moment.

Everytime that I plug off the power cable, I am unable to turn on my pc - unless I do a CMOS clear. It doesn't happen anything at all when I press the power button, it is just like when I don't - lol. All lights from the Motherboard are on, same happens with my GPU, the "energy" is there, but It won't start, any fan get energy too.

At least this board has a CMOS clear button in its backplate, but everytime I keep losing my custom BIOS settings, which is a drag. If I just turn off my pc, without unpluging it from the wall, it works fine when I need to power on it again.

Energy is kind of "unstable" here, and sometimes I have power loss, which always drive me crazy thinking for one second that some component could had been toasted.

Do you guys think that it may be my motherboard battery? Or have any other kind of theory? I am asking this, because this kind of motherboard usually hides and turn into a drag to change my battery and I would not like to disassemble all my hardware to may or may not solve this problem 😞

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.