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Maximus VI Formula Nuovoton NCT6791D 20°C+ difference in Temps

Level 7
Hello everyone.

I decided to clean my PC last night and replace the thermal paste on the CPU, which is something I do every 6 months or so but this time I encountered a problem.

Upon firing up the computer and checking for temps in Open Hardware Monitor, I noticed there is a discrepancy between the temps on the motherboard! A very high one indeed. In fact 20°C+ higher. This wasn't an issue before but for some reason it is now. At first I thought those were my CPU cores temps and I panicked because to my knowledge a 10 degrees difference between cpu cores is very bad. But then it dawned on me that what I was looking at were actually the MOBO temps.

Easy mistake to make because the previous version OHM I used showed CPU temps at the top and not the mobo temps. That being said tho'. I went on and checked google as I always do and I found that many people had this issue with their mobos. Thing is, I didn't have it until now. Which leads me to believe that I must've done something wrong while taking the PC completely apart last night, being already tired from work'n all, I know it was silly to do it at that time.

When I took it apart I had to put a very long screwdriver between the gigantic cooler on the cpu and the massive gpu to press the release switch for the gpu and I felt I pressed too hard as I heard a noise similar to hitting the mobo when the screwdriver slips off a screw and at the end I heard something pop as I was sticking the massive GPU back into the mobo after putting it back together but didn't pay much attention to it.

Can you please take a look at this screenshot and tell me anything that could help me identify the problem?
Much appreciated! And thanks for your time.