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Low volume after audio driver update

Level 11

I just updated to audio drivers 6.3.9600.2342 and i find the volume being to low since i need to crank up my reciever for my speakers. I like to watch animes in firefox that used jwplayer and the volume also got lowered to much. I know i can set the volume for programs using sonic suite but its allready set to extreme on everything.

Its like each time there is a update for audio drivers on the motherboard then the volume gets lower and lower.

The main problem is that the volume in youtube videos and jw players gets lower and lower, so when i crank up the volume to listen better, then the music i play in winamp or media players gets to loud and then i need to adjust the volume again over and over. Before i updated the drivers then the over all volume was perfect.

And i cant change the volume for firefox in the sonic suite program.

Its annyoing !

I did find a addon for firefox that can increase the DB for youtube videos, but i need to change it each time i open the browser since its reset after i close firefox.

I hope asus changes the volume up for the overall volume in basic mode in sonic suite.


Also i did a post of this recently but i cant find it in here....So reposting it again.


Level 11

 realtek audio driver version 64_V6396002342_20230330B