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Just found on youtube..

He managed to run for a long time anyway, before shutdown

I respect you James, but it is darn funny...

I quote> something is not right


Level 12
How does a person even respond to that?

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Most of the ways are good, maybe not James way..

Still, he is happy and excited, thats nice to see..

But how could he forget?



Level 11
Wow talk about forgetting something
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0_0. I don't even know these that thing must have gotten pretty freakin' hot.
Say hi to the next generation.

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Level 18
That was one of the most painful things I ever forced myself to witness.
[yes I was yell'n to poor james, but he just kept flap'n]

So a few questions though.
Why did we get no cpu fan error?
It was there, james quit read'n early or didn't know ..shut down.
Did overheat protection kick in and shut down ? why not ?

No beeps ?? .. prob. no speaker. [i never leave home without one.]
Outcome? cpu=toast ? or who knows .. mb/cpu -- maybe more ?

Oh James ... can't say we have all done that. [maybe Paw -- for Sat. Night Fun.]

[didn't he notice a box that was left over ?? or/look'd like a h100i or some
such mounted in the top--to bad the cooler was hang'n off the back side if so] .c.

Level 11
o.0, lol, damn ............

Level 14
every thing was staged 🙂

kkn wrote:
every thing was staged 🙂

Bein' a party-pooper? 😄
I am disturbed because I cannot break my system...found out there were others trying to cope! We have a support group on here, if your system will not break, please join!
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LINUX Users, we have a group!