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Locked posts should be clearer

Level 7

I cannot reply or give kudos on any posts in my search results. I see this message, which is unhelpfully cropped:

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 11.39.19.png


By looking at the HTML, I could see it says, "please visit your profile page". I have looked through every page in my profile and the settings and cannot see a "resend verification email" link.

I spent ages searching for a solution, then tried a more recent post and found my reply button was unlocked. Going back, I saw a tiny green padlock on the post I was trying to reply to, which I guess means it was locked after a certain period of time. This is really unclear. It would have saved me time if:

  1. The "you cannot reply" message specifically said "this post was locked due to <reason>".
  2. Hovering over the green padlock gave an explanatory text (because the same icon could mean "secure source" or "private user").

Also, the green padlock doesn't even show up on posts that are marked as solved nor the replies marked as a solution, so you have to scroll down to see it.

Please improve the interface!