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Live the ROG life.

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I wanted to give some words of encouragement to our ROG supporters and community members and our vision for the ROG community.

The entire concept of a community is to engage and get yourselves involved with others that have a common interest. In this case its ROG and ASUS. Not only products, but the way we live the ROG life is what attracts us all to this never ending hobby. Unlike other communities where you come and go for answers, we hope to encourage a cycle of support to really grow the best PC enthusiast community out there and hope users can gain something from the ROG Experience.

Typically when users come to our site they come because they need information. Maybe its information on what to buy, how to build, troubleshoot, or have fun. Honestly, at the end of the day, we are all trying to have fun right?

You came for your info, built your system, so why stop there when you can give something back to the community that helped you? We hope to teach users about the ROG lifestyle in hopes to have YOU teach/show new users, so on and so forth, before you know it, we will grow!

Now we come to ROG conduct:
Everyone should know that we all started from the bottom. Everyone here had to research their way through the PC life to get to where they are now. Some may have more experience than others, and some have stumbled upon the ROG site to start their PC life. We are here (at least most of us) to help encourage users on their progress and help shape them into the ROG life style (if they choose to accept the challenge).

I am not the be all end all ROG guru. I am just like everyone else, the avg ROG guy trying to build towards something better and trying to make a change in the industry. I too learn something new everyday and that is from this community.

Please think before you post a thread or comment. Is it positive and will it help the community grow or will it create drama and discourage others from coming back. All of our mods are on the lookout and making sure that we have a spam free, drama free and encouraging community.

Live the ROG life. 😛

Level 13
I do Live the ROG life. recommend ASUS products here in Panama City Panama. Help all I can. is not perfect. but the forums and users has help me and other ASUS users to enjoy it. there is a lot of good people here. forums managers has work hard to make even post of software updates noted that the platform (asus website) do no have. that is a lot of work.

We do not have any deployment as many countries have, like access to products for review to show or test or builds. but we manage with what we got and teach the ROG ways and how to take the products for enjoyment.

If you see a user help here, just a thanks will do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Learn, Play Enjoy! We help and collaborate, NOT complain!

Level 8
Well I finally bought an ASUS ROG gaming laptop and have a nice ASUS gaming backpack so I'm very pleased.
" The speed of the fallen one does not change..."


I am happy to be a part of rog asus

I'm a big fan of Asus technology. I love my laptop the most. Glad that there are many fans of this brand on the forum with whom I can talk.

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