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Live the ROG life.

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I wanted to give some words of encouragement to our ROG supporters and community members and our vision for the ROG community.

The entire concept of a community is to engage and get yourselves involved with others that have a common interest. In this case its ROG and ASUS. Not only products, but the way we live the ROG life is what attracts us all to this never ending hobby. Unlike other communities where you come and go for answers, we hope to encourage a cycle of support to really grow the best PC enthusiast community out there and hope users can gain something from the ROG Experience.

Typically when users come to our site they come because they need information. Maybe its information on what to buy, how to build, troubleshoot, or have fun. Honestly, at the end of the day, we are all trying to have fun right?

You came for your info, built your system, so why stop there when you can give something back to the community that helped you? We hope to teach users about the ROG lifestyle in hopes to have YOU teach/show new users, so on and so forth, before you know it, we will grow!

Now we come to ROG conduct:
Everyone should know that we all started from the bottom. Everyone here had to research their way through the PC life to get to where they are now. Some may have more experience than others, and some have stumbled upon the ROG site to start their PC life. We are here (at least most of us) to help encourage users on their progress and help shape them into the ROG life style (if they choose to accept the challenge).

I am not the be all end all ROG guru. I am just like everyone else, the avg ROG guy trying to build towards something better and trying to make a change in the industry. I too learn something new everyday and that is from this community.

Please think before you post a thread or comment. Is it positive and will it help the community grow or will it create drama and discourage others from coming back. All of our mods are on the lookout and making sure that we have a spam free, drama free and encouraging community.

Live the ROG life. 😛

Regarding notification of spam, bumping, etc:

Email isn't working (or wasn't last we discussed it) so the report post function isn't working either. I do scan over everything that gets posted but I don't read it all word for word because it's a lot. I'm human so it's possible I may miss something. If you see spam feel free to send myself or another moderator a PM. Sometimes it takes us a few hours to catch it though because we're not all here 24/7.

Personally, I don't really mind if people reply to spam in threads started by spammers. The whole thread is going to be vaporized anyway. Just try not to reply in legitimate threads. And especially don't quote an outbound link because then that has to be cleaned up too. For some people it's cathartic (myself included) so I won't give anyone a hard time. Just don't be surprised if I delete your reply.
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Can't wait to get my new Crosshair! Then its ROG from then on!!

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like xero said, leave the spam control up to the mods. i dont want other to accuse others of trolling or spamming when they may not be. it will be up to the mods to decide what to do, but there is no need for everyone to get excited over a spam post, i feel calling people out on this discourages people from coming back. maybe they dont know they are spamming. so again leave the spam control to the mods please.

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I came across this thread from 2010.... The ROG Life / with special guest star, 'the lobster'.

The Thread tells it all.... meet some of the ROG'r's....ummm....hard at work? Sometimes, its real hard to be ROG.
Pictures by Travis Jank (V2-V3)
Featured are: Chew, DarthBeavis, Brian, Kaboom, Kathy and The 2010 BlizzCon set.... and of course....the lobster.

Due to a terrible gambling problem, and lose of a friendly gaming wager....the lobster wont be joining them next year..
His next of kin have been invited, however..c.

Edit::: CherryX ???

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How come we never get any pictures of COMDEX? which is in November this year...

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I've learnt more about PC's in the last couple months on this site than I have in the last 33 years when I learnt computer basic's in 79/80,, I like to get to a stage where a can give good info to help others and really know that I'm not giving bad info.. I'll be here for as long as I draw breath,, Big thanks to all ..

I want to live the ROG life. I'm not new to computers or software, but I am new to the more mobile laptop lifestyle. I greatly appreciate my new ROG G75VW. I've only had my 1st laptop a couple of months now. The fact that I need to get myself a new, larger flatscreen to connect to it (eventually) is the only "issue" I've had with it. This thing is phenomenal!!! & I truly appreciate this forum, & the knowledge & advice contained within! I'm wanting to know what I can do to "test it's envelope." This is probably not the correct thread for this question, but what stress tester software is available to be used to determine the amount of firepower I now have in this beast of a laptop?

& Nackers—posting a sigpic of ROG’s “gang tag” on the side of old Uluru—priceless! 😉
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im new 2 the rog fourm and im happy 2 be here going 2 be buying my 1st asus rog motherbord and gpu soon switching from evga 2 asus rog 🙂

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I am doing my part on my Panama Facebook community the best we can with NO support from asus. all our admins and moderator use ASUS products, and from my part always help users in need. Also help stores, (3 of them personally) and it will be nice some help to show more and deliver more on OUR small market. We try to use local market instead of online one. is hard work. but we manage. ROG is life and I need, we need help from the ASUS.
Learn, Play Enjoy!

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Doing my part in the UK recommend ROG products to my customers, I think it would be a good idea to have a ROG club where members can get a discount off the ROG products 🙂