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Live the ROG life.

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I wanted to give some words of encouragement to our ROG supporters and community members and our vision for the ROG community.

The entire concept of a community is to engage and get yourselves involved with others that have a common interest. In this case its ROG and ASUS. Not only products, but the way we live the ROG life is what attracts us all to this never ending hobby. Unlike other communities where you come and go for answers, we hope to encourage a cycle of support to really grow the best PC enthusiast community out there and hope users can gain something from the ROG Experience.

Typically when users come to our site they come because they need information. Maybe its information on what to buy, how to build, troubleshoot, or have fun. Honestly, at the end of the day, we are all trying to have fun right?

You came for your info, built your system, so why stop there when you can give something back to the community that helped you? We hope to teach users about the ROG lifestyle in hopes to have YOU teach/show new users, so on and so forth, before you know it, we will grow!

Now we come to ROG conduct:
Everyone should know that we all started from the bottom. Everyone here had to research their way through the PC life to get to where they are now. Some may have more experience than others, and some have stumbled upon the ROG site to start their PC life. We are here (at least most of us) to help encourage users on their progress and help shape them into the ROG life style (if they choose to accept the challenge).

I am not the be all end all ROG guru. I am just like everyone else, the avg ROG guy trying to build towards something better and trying to make a change in the industry. I too learn something new everyday and that is from this community.

Please think before you post a thread or comment. Is it positive and will it help the community grow or will it create drama and discourage others from coming back. All of our mods are on the lookout and making sure that we have a spam free, drama free and encouraging community.

Live the ROG life. 😛

Level 11
Well there certainly something special about ROG product that make me purchase them even for my wife PC .

I’m sure Chrsplmr will have a more enthusiast comment about it …go Chris go ….

You and Brian have said it all brother.

The ROG Life
May We Always Have More Than We Need, Less Than We Want and Share.

We Greet All with Our Mission's Eye.
Shoulder to Shield, Hand to Sword as Equals.
Extend your Hand in Community Alliance or Draw Sword.
We will not Yeild in Our Vision.
We will not be Defeated in Quest.
We will not be Denied the Future.
We are ROG

babyGURU...Laugh, Breath, Repeat.

Brian, You cant fool us with that 'regular guy stuff', we can see that 'S' glowing through your shirt.
And we appreciate it, truly.

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LOL i wish, but everyone has their own forte when it comes to certain things. im a well rounded guy, but i am no genius at a particular topic. thats why we have our awesome mods. because they are gurus!

Level 18
Yep, Yep.
And there is the beauty of this my friend,
Any little piece that we may be missing in our
books, the next member carries volumes.
One truly knows all that know where and
how to look it up...Here? Simply ask.

Level 10
Brian, why has this not been stickied yet? What is more, if I may suggest: I think for the sake of community building we should have a sub-forum for new members to introduce themselves, and this could be stickied there. It is always nice to get to know the new members (and heck I still haven't formally introduced myself here yet), and there really should be a place specifically for that. Most forums already use this model because new member threads are either disorganized (one for each new member, but not contained in its own board) or unwieldy (one gargantuan thread for all introductions. This sub-forum could also serve as a great place to reiterate the forum rules with a sticky as well, so new members who neglect the off-topic board will see the rules sticky there when they go to the new members board.

Just my 2c. I mentioned this once before off hand but now that you mention the interest in truly building a great community here I feel it should seriously be considered.
New member? Introduce yourself here, learn a little of what we are about here, and refer to some simple rules here.
Though typically not required or enforced, here is a list of guidelines on proper forum etiquette.
[Work in progress]
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Cyrekk wrote:
we should have a sub-forum for new members to introduce themselves, and this could be stickied there. It is always nice to get to know the new members .

Actually I register to the ROG forum of France this afternoon, in an hour I have 2 pages of reply to my introduction. Here we need a woman to get so much reply ( not sure i'm gone stay a long time in a French forum from France , I have hard time with french name of hardware )

Level 10
The ROG life, I like this term

When the wife starts on me for spending so much time here I will just explain to her that this is my new calling "I am living the ROG life".

All kidding aside; Brian, I really appreciate your thoughts here and if we all can keep those tenets forefront in our dealings here this will be the best support forum on the web.

Level 18
Couldnt agree more Kip

Honey, I am at home. My friends dont leave drink rings on
your table or muddy footprints. They all brought their own
snacks and beverages. None of them smoke, in here.
And I dont have to wait for them to leave,
I can just shut off the light.
And every single time I turn the lights on, the party
is still ROG'n!!!....

...and the kids..and the movies...and the games....I'm Home.

OK, I'll just go for a ride.....hehehhehe...yikes!!!

PS..That bike would make Blue. HarleyROG...HOG/ROG..its gotta be perfect.

Level 10
Having been a member of some relatively strict forums, I would like to compile a list of common practices for forum etiquette. Most if not all of these concepts if violated can actually get you banned from some forums out there, and though this one is pretty relaxed I feel it is worth sharing.

Please review the following to help make sure that this forum continues to strive towards being the very best that it can possibly be. I present:

Proper Forum Etiquette

Do not - Sell or advertize: Do not advertize or sell products in your sig, it is not constructive and this board is not designed for that purpose. It may be acceptable to mention in the off topic sub-forum if you are offloading some used products and simply wish to give the ROG community first dibs, but otherwise there is a perfectly good buy/sell/trade sub-forum over at OCN for this.

Do not - Flame: As a community we will always have differing opinions on things. There is nothing wrong with discussing the difference of opinion civilly, as the points brought up on each side of the argument can be useful to readers. What we want to avoid is making it personal or unruly.

Do not - Be disrespectful: There is no reason for this, let us make sure that if anyone feels disrespected it was due to a misunderstanding. (Believe it or not this happens a lot on the web, so see "Do - Use proper spelling and grammar below") If an offense occurs, do apologize!

Do not - Double post: There is an edit button for a reason, the only acceptable reason to double post is for place holding (ex. posting a multi-segment article, such as an ROG review), or to bump your post (which is very rarely acceptable).

Do not - Bump spammers or bots: Simply report the post and let ASUS take care of them. Bumping their posts helps spammers and wastes our time. We have a thread specifically for discussing spammers here.

Both of these last two "Do nots" needlessly pad your post count which leads us to the next point:

Do not - Post needlessly: It is preferable for every post to be constructive, but entertaining works too (or complimentary). Not every post has to be completely useful but going around posting "I agree" or such around several threads is pointless. It looks like your padding your post count, and there is no point to this. Being the first to get to ROG GURU BLACK BELT will not serve you or the forum in any way unless your posts are typically useful. More than anything, just make sure these kind of posts don't get excessive.
***A strong exception to this is if a question is posed, quoting another poster's correct answer and stating it as the truth or best answer is 100% acceptable as it re-enforces the validity of the statement***

So if your post count means so little, what does? Rep!

Do - Add to a users REP: If you found a post to be worth while, give the poster credit for it. By properly taking advantage of the reputation system, this can really help people to identify someone's level of credibility when they give advice.

I am not saying that anyone here gives bad advice or anything, but a well utilized reputation system helps motivate people to be more useful in the forum, rather than racing to a high post count and such. It is a far superior ranking system to post counts.

Do - Use proper spelling and grammar: This is not a difficult thing to do, and it makes it a lot easier for people to read your posts and understand what you are saying. It is understandable that we are gamers here, and as such there is nothing wrong with the "Oh Noes" and occasional 1337 speak, but it should be used when appropriate. Our forum is global, and English is not everyone's first language. The best we can do is try to make the best of it and not discourage anyone.

Do - Post in the correct sub-forum: This is pretty well self explanatory, if you aren't certain if you are posting in the correct place, mention that in the OP and no one will blame you for it. If the thread needs to be moved a mod or admin will take care of it for you. We want the forum to stay clean and organized, it makes everything easier for everyone.

Do - Stay on Topic: We really don't need to clutter a thread with irrelevant posts. If a new discussion is born that is off-topic for the thread, make a new thread to continue the discussion or take it to PM. Use your better judgement here, three degrees of separation can go either way depending on the context.

Do - Use the search function of the forum: There is no point in posting a new thread for something that already has a thread, so make a search before you post. We don't need 17 threads asking what AI Suite is.

This list likely is not all encompassing, so be sure to post anything that has been missed. This also applies for anything listed here that you disagree with. I consider this to be a work in progress, and I will be sure to edit the OP as necessary to ensure that these concepts stay true and fair. I invite the Mods and Admin to contribute to this and advise any changes that should be made. If this is post is deemed inappropriate in some way, please allow me the opportunity to fix it.

Finally I would like to note that none of this should be taken as a shot at anyone on the forum. You are all great and I enjoy every one of you just the way you are.
New member? Introduce yourself here, learn a little of what we are about here, and refer to some simple rules here.
Though typically not required or enforced, here is a list of guidelines on proper forum etiquette.
[Work in progress]
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