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Less boot options on Maximus XI Hero coming from VII Hero

Level 10
Hi everyone,

Recently upgraded from the VII Hero to the XI Hero and i noticed in the BIOS settings, specifically under Boot & Advanced options that there are less configurable settings, settings that when disabled (in my experience) decreases the boot time during POST, settings like 'SATA support' (Boot Drive Only), USB Support (Partial Initialisation), 'Intel xHXI Mode' (Auto) etc.

There are others, but a combination of the above settings, along with a few others, decreased my boot time. I think my Corsair mouse and keyboard take time to initialise during POST and it causes about 18 seconds to get into Windows (verses the 6 seconds i was getting on my VII Hero), and the setting a specifically remember helping this was 'Intel xHXI Mode' by default it was to 'Smart Auto' on the VII Hero and setting it to Auto reduced the boot time, this setting is no longer available.

If i unplug the devices, it's much quicker to boot, but is there no way to configure these settings again or are they hidden somewhere that i'm missing?