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Left Control Key and Bing/Windows/Cortana search issue

Level 7
Hi to All,
I have a strange issue with Windows 10 that is difficult to work out. I am using a Claymore/Bond keyboard, tho I am not sure this is the cause. It started with mistyping that would bring up the Best Match search box bottom left of the screen. The supposed search string was and is 'mnbvxcvbhnm'. This has now started to occur if I press the Left Control key a few times, with the same search string. So far I have turned off Cortana, got rid of the search icon bottom left, done various things to the register such as creating a 'BingSearchEnabled' key and setting it to zero and turned off any Windows shortcuts and set the left control key to default in Crate. I have had conflicts before with Armoury, notably the clash with Aura software so I uninstalled Aura and just used Armoury for my mobo, mb waterblock and the claymore. I had a few issues with moving to Armoury Crate (it seems that Aura is incorporated in Crate), not installing properly but I have since sorted that out I believe and this issue has been going on long before I installed Armoury Crate. Short of a repair install of Windows I am stuck for ideas. Any help would be gratefully received.
Asus Hero VI Wi-Fi (Intel 9260 + BT), Ryzen 7 1700x, Claymore/Bond.