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laptop for a competition

Level 7
I have take part in a competition in which all the best gaming Graphics Card will be their it is going to be at nation-level. so, I think that this laptop is the best for gaming, I am going to reviving the product on youtube, Facebook , Instagram and twitter and also they will announce the name of laptop and it will telecast to nation televion . competition is going to heald on 30 may .so, if possible then send it fast as you can . I am having near about 2,38,976 subscribe currtly on my youtube channel, 22.3k follower on Instagram , I will wait for 2 week .i am pretty sure that you will get a better respond because it is going to be at nation level but it should be free. my gmail-( ,my address- (flat no.201,second floor ,ridhi sidhi apt ,rammna maroti mander, nandanwan,nagpur,Maharashtra,440029)thank you

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