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Is motherboard DOA?

Level 10
Hi all,

I recently received a Strix X570 to pair with a Ryzen 7 5800x.
Problem is I get no display, Keyboard doesn't seem to be powered and I have a 0d error and a yellow led showing on the mobo. I've tried 2 types of RAM (one of which is on the list of accepted models) Tried booting with an empty SSD, with an SSD with an operating system (borrowed from last config) tried with no disk drives at all, tried with 1 stick of ram trying each slot, with the same results every time. Even tried flashing the bios to latest one.
Fans start, the lights on the mobo light up.

I'm at a loss on what to do next, have no secondary CPU to try. Do you think the mobo is just DOA or have I maybe missed something? Triple checked all the cables, PSU is more than capable of handling the setup (1300w)
Any advice will be welcomed.


Level 11
Hey Granger,

You tried basically almost everything through trail and error. It's hard to say without testing with a different processor installed. Maybe you can take your PC to a service shop and see if they can boot with a different CPU?