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Is ASUS updating BIOS of Intel motherboards to prevent the new "snoop" attack?

Level 10
Hi ASUS, I was made aware of the new security threat of Intel CPUs from the "snoop" attack. Microsoft has made a patch for this new threat. Apparently mothboard manufacturers are also working on a BIOS update to circumvent this newly discovered threat. Could anyone from ASUS please comment on where we stand as customers of their motherboards, stand in regards to a BIOS update to patch this threat? TIA

Level 10
non bumper-to-bumper bump.... yoo hoo, is anyone from ASUS there?

Level 13
This is a member self help forum. Very seldom do you see ASUS employees posting here.*
My advise with the intel threats?
Disable all the patches and get yourself a decent hardware firewall an stay off of public networks. If you do use your machine as in laptop use your phone wifi. They must first be inside your network to attack anything. I have all the patches disabled or not installed due to performance hits but stay behind another layer of protection.*

Level 7
Discovered threats belongs to intel processors. That means hardware issues. Disabiling of windows firewall not use. Intel should give respective microcode to all OEM , then OEM should those microcodes to laptop or motherboard based processor. And supply via download center..
Intel i5 7200U_ Nvidia 940MX _Windows_11_Enterprise_64bit_22H2_buildno_22621.754

Level 7
My Bios updated by itself from 3.3 to 3.5. I don't know when or how. I know it did, i checked recently due to some crashes my pc is having without creating error logs.